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After her Saturday night concert in Florence, Madonna, 53, spent some downtime enjoying the city. She and her 24 year old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat took in the sights of the Italian city, but Madonna obviously wore the wrong shoes for walking and Brahim gave her a piggy-back ride to relieve her sore tootsies. Madonna arranged a two hour private tour of the famous Uffizi Gallery of Renaissance art. She was particularly enchanted and inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus featuring the Goddess of Love in a clamshell. We’re betting a vision similar to this just MIGHT appear in one of her upcoming musical numbers.
Top Photo via: Daily Mail

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  1. Y’mean she was spending time with her son. I doubt this double headed cobra with fangs even knows what love is & ego don’t count. She needs to disappear back into to the pits of hell.

  2. I think it is sweet that the young man would help the older woman across the street. I like seeing kids now days respectful of their elders.

  3. Lol Walt! I wish this demonic witch would just disappear.

  4. Those shoes are fugly and painful looking. At least she has her crotch covered. Sweet of Baby Brahmin to carry the old bag.

  5. This horrible demonic Woman has been tormenting the Earth since 1984. I wish folks would wise up and stop supporting her filth.

  6. Just think: when Brahim was two and still wearing diapers (or whatever they put on ’em in Muslimia), Madge was telling the world, via her book “Sex,” that “My pussy is the Temple of all Knowledge.”

    Now it’s twenty years later, and Madonna’s tour is being sponsored by Depends–and poor Brahim is learning that sometimes pussy is kinda spooky and cob-webby and looks like the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland.

  7. This is a f’d up skanky old woman. Thing is, she has been in the dregs of filth for so long that she has no conscience whatsoever. Why she is even still living, I believe, is because she is protected by satan himself. Kabbalah has made her even more vile, if that is possible.

  8. Miss Madonna is the most successful American entertainer ever. In terms of influence, music and capturing the zeitgeist of American culture for the last 30 years, there are no equal. Not Babs, Liza, Whitney.

    No other female artist has shaped our culture like Madonna.

    She has set women free from the chains of bondage men have used to keep women bound and subservient in a puritanical society. She answers to no one and shows women they can be strong, opinionated, equal to men and can crush those that get into her way.

    She is inspriation to young women the world over to follow and emulate a lifestyle that takes no prisoners. Bravo to Madonna and strong, unencumbered women everywhere. Throw off the chains of white, patriarcal men and embrace Madonna. Be strong.

  9. this is a more youthfull possibility of needing a wheelchair.

  10. Kelly Ripa also worships Madonna. She went to see her 3 or 4 times in NYC. On one program after seeing Madonna’s show, she whispered the name Madonna in Regis’ ear the entire show and you could tell it irritated him. Brit Spears also worships her.

  11. Wonder how many times a day does Baby Brahim get his diaper changed.

  12. If only she would pick up the the bill the taxpayers have been footing for all those empowered females on the welfare rolls.

  13. I think they look sweet. Madonna is definitely an interesting, eccentric woman. The reason her photograph is on this website is because people are interested. Including those above who want her to ‘go away’.

  14. @Colin, I take your point and it’s true elsewhere but not necessarily here; Janet posts reviews of movies no one wants to see (for which she is paid, of course), and some people whom no one but Janet cares about (they are friends of hers but are not talented or famous)

  15. Madge is just as creepy as that creepy dude dating that Olsen twin. Yuck Yuck Yuck!

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