We’ve all heard the story that Whitney Houston was buried wearing $800,000 worth of jewelry and certainly we wondered WHY her family would do such a thing – AND let the information leak out. Nightmarish visions of grave robbers couldn’t help but dance in our heads. According to recent rumors, the family has decided it’s not practical to have 24 hr guards protecting Whitney’s grave, so they plan to encase her casket in cement to discourage vandals. All this sounds like a good case for cremation, to us.



  1. I would be genuinely shocked if she really was wearing jewelry when she was buried. There’s always vultures where there is money.

  2. I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again. In her heyday, this woman could blow up a microphone in a huge overcrowded stadium with her incredible vocals. She hit notes and held them longer than I thought were ever possible. Her concerts were events and you left being just blown away by her angel kissed vocals.

    I’ve thought time and time again, how horrified & frightened she must have been the first time she realized that she could no longer hit those notes like in the old days. It must have been a emotional hell for her. God gave her such an amazing gift.

  3. Apparently you havent been to any funerals lately because they have been cementing for a while now, at least 10 years in new york.

  4. This picture is so different than the other….here you see her newly purchased breasts and teeth.

    Highly doubtful she was actually buried in jewels.

    Her voice was good but it was wasted and she paid the price. Absolutely no saint with an enormous appetite for female sex.

  5. Wow this blows me away to a large degree…She has to be protected like King Tut…24 Hour watch Guards over he grave sight…What a waste of money and time? Cement her grave? Weird and strange.

  6. I rather see that $800,000 go to the school program to help children with singing and or educations programs to help children in this world…Or a school lunch program or matter of fact it is none of my business and should keep my mouth shut!

  7. Janet are you this dense. She WAS not buried with any real jewels. Fact!

  8. I LOVE Black women like Whitney, you all KNOW I’m a show-queen!

    Sorry to all I have offended with my racist rants. You know, like a gay-basher is quietly gay, I admit to ‘getting down’ after dark, with those of a darker hue. There, I said it!

    Please forgive me! Sometimes I don’t take my meds on time so I spazz. My Dr. nags at me about it.

  9. They did not and will not find $800k worth of jewels. Don’t believe it for a minute.

  10. she said it earlier on: I’LL BE BACK, folks!!

  11. 1. Do you really think she had $800,000 in jewelry.
    2. Do you really think even if she did, they would bury her in it.

  12. I agree with most on this one,I don’t think she had jewelry worth 800k.

  13. Family kept her in her Hell and now they will encase her dead body in concrete?

    These people need to spend some time in the Mental Ward so they can get their reality straight with the ones we all live on.

    SHAME on you for causing your daughter so much hurt. I wonder what putting someone in concrete does to their ‘soul’? Trapped forever?

  14. Grow up…the daughter was the problem and enabled by the family who used her for a piggy bank. They ALLOWED her to act the way she did because she ould cut off the $$$ if not and they were only capable of working at McDonalds….none of the family could say a coherent sentence and they are another example of the future of the BLACK race….dumb and arrogant!

  15. There is nothing as arrogant as a BLACK who thinks they are entitled. Whitney’s family is unhappy there is not a full length movie on her and only a TV movie coming out. TMZ has the story, JC doesn’t…too much Kardashian PR probably.

    Whitney was a drug addled lesbo who was delusional. The family wants to keep the $$$$ coming.

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