What better time than the 100th anniversary of the sinking of The Titanic, to announce the production of a 21st century exact replica of the iconic cruise ship? Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is so enthralled by The Titanic legend that he’s having a duplicate cruise ship built in China. He’s hired a historical research team to work with architects to exactly reproduce the interior and exterior of the 840 room, 9 deck ship in precisely the same dimensions. Below the water line the ship will feature state of the art engineering and safety. An updated gym (above, the original) and swimming pools will be discreetly included for passengers comfort. Typical cruise ships cost around $500 million to build – this will certainly cost much more. The Titanic II will take the same maiden voyage from England to North America that the original did, and is set for 2016. We’re betting Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will be invited along for the ride. Make your reservations early.


  1. If a passenger were to get the Astor Suite or one of the few like it it might be fun? But most of the rooms were 3rd class! Who wants to go on a cruise and not have their own extened balcony? By the way Dick Van Dykes grandson did a movie The Titanic 2..It was hilarious. The same 30 extras in every scene and the staircases were cement..looked like they filmed in a parking garage!

  2. this is very dangerous to speak out.

  3. We of superstitious Irish descent would never set foot on that thing!

    Hopefully it will have the correct amount of lifeboats, and a captain who’s more interested in safety than his tea.

  4. I would like to submit my own personal list of the people that I want to go on the maiden voyage of Titanic II. (insert evil laugh). lol 🙂

    1. The Kardashian Klan
    2. All Scientologists
    3. Anyone associated with Jersey Shore
    4. Sarah Palin
    5. Courtney Love


  5. Clearly this person has more money than decent thought process. All seaman are very superstitious for good reason.
    This plan is revolting on too many levels.
    What an asshole.

  6. Walt, LOL! Great idea! A Titanic built in China? If its like the rest of the junk they are mfg’ing, don’t worry about sinking, it will fall apart at the first few swells that hit it. I’ve been to China and been to the National Palace Museum in Taipei and I still can’t comprehend that a nation of such amazing artisans in the past, could now churn out so much crap.

  7. I always feel sad for the people that lost there lives on that ship? Fear in the middle of no where and cold-ness that hit there body and numb-ness setting in! The love story was great and time-less and there will never be a movie like that down the road again.

  8. I thank god that some people lived to tell the story of what happened and thank god for Science! In History people make mistakes and we learn how to do things better in the future.

  9. Sir Justin Ross Feierabend is Crazy Casonia.

  10. Here’s a new addition for the cruise

    6.) Casonia aka Sir Justin Ross Feierabend

  11. Gordon Ramsay is the lousiest cook I have ever seen. And what a nasty, mean person he is in real life.
    And he hates Casonia.
    The toaster told me so.

  12. ROFL Patrick.

    Walt, your suggestion reminds me of a quote by a columnist in the local paper: If you put the City Council (for instance) in a rowboat and sank it in Boston Harbor, you’d lose exactly one rowboat.

  13. IF you had BILLONS of dollars would you:

    1.Film under water costing you millons of dollars?

    2. Make a big ship for rich people to die on again?

    3. Cure world hunger and live off of the tax credits for giving to CHARITY?

    I hope these rich f*ckers live with BAD KARMA for the rest of their lives. Or at least until they lose all of their money and have to live like us.

    SHAME on this world!!!!!!!!

  14. If you got money take the trip and have a major fucking good time.

  15. If your Rich no problem and if your poor your better off seeing the movie in 3-D But this is once in a life time deal.

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