Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Robert Rey (Dr 90210) never disappoints. He’s always got a unique look but now we think he’s starting to resemble Las Vegas illusionist Criss Angel. You can tell which one is a doctor by the stethoscope around his neck. They could be brothers! Dr Rey was at the Seminole Casino in Hollywood, Florida, for a fan “meet and greet.” He brought along samples of his work – breast and penile implants – and he answered all his eager fans questions about cosmetic surgery. His outfit IS a little bit “Chippendale’s.”

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  1. Still, a white Lab Coat would *really* set this outfit off!

  2. I love Dr Rey – seriously, I admire him for what he has achieved. Just wish he would let his wife eat a hambuger and fries more often, then she might be happier.

    And, wow, penile implants! Thanks Janet I’ll be thinking about that all afternoon, the mind does boggle, but hey if women get boob jobs to please men, then no reason men shouldn’t get implants to please women… I assume that is what they are for!? (or men, if that is your thing.

  3. I think I might have to google the p. implants. There goes me getting any work done this afternoon. tehehehe.

  4. Oh dear. Wish I hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole!

    Wiki lists the number one disadvantage as The penis also may not be as firm as a natural erection. My 2 cents as a female, that would just p*ss me off. Seems hardly worth the trouble, just strap something on.

    Although… seeing as you can bend it, it could provide pleasure…. nah it would just get bent back.

    yeah, yeah, i know, TMI.

  5. YUMMY!
    Makes my man-meat THROB with desire!!

    Wifey, get the HELL away from the object of my desire!!

    Finger licking good!

    Hey! I’ve just taken my meds. Feeling GOOD.

  6. I forgot…is he Mexican or from Brazil?

    He makes me say oooooooh papi!

  7. When will he end the charade and just come out of the closet? His beard of a wife must be in it for the free botox shots and plastic surgery.

  8. Thanks for the info Cal. Gumby penises, who’d a thunk it.

    He looks like a complete idiot in his faux rock star costume.

  9. Looks like he is out of the closet but just short of making a formal announcement…..on the other hand, no formal announcement is really necessary.

    One had to admire the journey he has made from poverty to celebrity surgeon. However, he is just to “colorful” for my taste. Walking around with breast implants and penile implants seems a bit much to me.

    Hard to believe he is 50. He looks ten years younger. Criss Angel is 44 and looks ten years younger too. They could pass for sisters. 🙂 lol

  10. Who in their right mind would want him for their doctor? I’d be afraid in the middle of surgery he’d forget all about me and be staring at himself in the mirror. No wonder his wife is a miserable anorexic, he is clearly not into her, unless it’s to wear her panties.

  11. The oath he took states, “first do no harm.”
    Ow, my eyes.
    Buddy! Stop dressing like an attention whore, douchebag and show some respect for the real professionals you call your peers.

  12. Folks, its me, the racist and the gay/black lover. Yes I stan myself and post all sorts of racist bullshit but hey, you should see me when I’m on my meds!!

  13. In a strange way…It is okay to look like some one you like and…Find that looks gather much needed attention from others but this is really pushing hard but…A Person has a right to look like any one they want..! It is all about being happy and feeling good about yourself!

  14. Lets face the facts this Dr is smart and know extra good looking and wonder what this Dr looked like before? But it is all about feeling good and getting great attention from others and at first look they do look alike but on the other hand they both have different careers… Just be happy and be yourself and have an idea what is attractive in your eyes?

  15. Sir Justin Ross Feierabend is Crazy Casonia.

  16. Easy Strom. It’s locked up in Seattle.
    Say, how bout that shitty cook, Gordon Ramsay?
    Did you hear he has a secret, gay, black lover?

  17. Oh no Patrick, I forgot all about Gordon Ramsay. Please don’t wind her up.

    By the way, how are things going?

  18. He is beyond scary. Implanting grotesque fake boobs into stupid females. The way he treats his beard is horrible. Who would feel safe asleep with him and a scalpel? Methinks he is trying to come out of the closet.

  19. how come Criss has about 2 full feet from his navel to the top of his pants? That is just odd.

  20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Ray!!! Throbbing as I type!

  21. insert typically vacuous, racist, anally obsessed tirade here please, thnx Strom

  22. Ohhh! I love GAY PORN!
    Which movies has this Dr Rey been in?
    Is he a Top or Bottom?

    What? He’s NOT a gay porn star, he’s a plastic surgeon? Oh,so he MAKES porn stars. Ohhhhhhh

    Drats. He’d be great as a bottom.

  23. THIS MAN IS TRUELY WEARING SOME COOL CLOTHS LOOK LIKE IT COST A PRETTY PENNY BUT TO LOOK LIKE SOME ONE ELSE MUST BE A REAL ROLE MODEL BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU DON’T HAVE THERE MONEY TO GO WITH IT! What ever makes a person happy and who ever they like and think the world of is the reason this guy is dressing like the other guy but some people are just looking for a look and when they find it and like it…they simply just be it and there is nothing wrong with finding something that makes you happy and gives you joy and pure attention is key and of course this man must be getting laided even more and loving the attention and double takes that he recieve..gives him the charm and grace to keep at it and pretty sure when he goes out to eat..people make mistakes and give him a better table and some free things to match and other woman must think he is the other person and that is going to get him more woman to fuck in the future!!!!What ever makes a man happy and it is his money and time and most of all his way in life.

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