Teen bride Courtney Stodden is still posing for the camera as often as she can and pin-ups are her specialty. She’s gotten a lot of feedback from fans criticizing her for slathering on far too much makeup so she lightened up considerably for these bathtub pictures. The 17 year old wannabe actress tweeted these pictures for the world to see.

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  1. Whitetrash! Yuck.

    But I like dark meat! Oh well.

    That queen she’s married to is happy, he gets to play in her cosmetics.

  2. Whatever happened to dignity? Have they all sold their souls? Maybe if this bimbo had “real talent” she wouldn’t have to resort to this. I agree with Strom, “white trash.”

  3. Poor dumb imposter cant say anything on its own! Rainbow love no doubt.

  4. Enough Janet, I’m beginning to think you’re on the “teen bride’s” (she said sarcastically) payroll.

  5. Sad and desperate.

    Plus, my wife wants to know why they photographed the underaged lady in such an ugly bathroom. lol

  6. Skanky look…she will be screwing BLACKS for pay within a year or two.

  7. She really does need make-up and the dark roots are showing. And to top it off, the nose is a wee bit bulbous.

  8. There is just so much wrong with this whole sitaution. What kind of parents does this child have?

    Rhetorical question, I know.

  9. Once again I ask, isn’t this illegal child porn if she is not of legal age? Although I personally believe she’s pushing 40

  10. She looks better in these pictures because she isn’t wearing so much cheap make up on her face. Kinda knocks off 20 years! First picture I’ve seen of her that she looks decent! I’m talking the face folks!

  11. OHMYGAWD… she seriously needs to get over herself. Padded bra much? She’s like a C cup wearing a DD padded bra… and get rid of that STUPID STUPID snakey arm thingy already.

    She will never EVER be pretty. No amount of douchey hooker makeup and Lee press-on nails will make her anything other than a total skank.

  12. This young lady looks amazing and breath taking and lovely and it is alright to show the world how Beautiful you are!

  13. Of course she is Jail Bait but in a few years time she would be Date-ta-ble and…She is very Proud of herself on so many level and she is a rare Beauty as Sweet as a Rose and easy on the eye!She is sharing with the world her love of cheese cake? As long as it is not too sweet and has a crunchy bottom to it with massive amounts of flavor!

  14. Sir Justin Ross Feierabend is Crazy Casonia. She/He’s baaaaaaack!!!

  15. I don’t think she’s 17. Late 20s is my guess. And yeah, who the heck are her parents?

  16. Casonia is not hard to miss with the run on sentences eh Walt.
    “Sharing with the world her love of cheese cake.”

  17. Good guess Walt. I was going to suggest that the Strom imposter pass some of his meds over to “Sir Justin”,

  18. Patrick, I’m not as quick you younger ones. I was hoping it was just my imagination. Guess not.

  19. maybe for prudish american but we auropeans need more to satisfy ourselves!!

  20. Casonia, you must be in for life. How many times did you stab the boyfriend/husband, like 50+?
    I hope the warden takes away your media access asap.

  21. I suspect we have a multiple personality poster. Maybe a half a dozen regular posters all played by one.
    Forrest/Strom/Reta/Casonia/possibly one of our sensible lady posters in that pack as well.
    Anyone else have that suspicion?

  22. Well her face looks better for sure but she still looks like a hooker. I suspect she must have been abused as a kid to be so desperate for sexual attention from older men. Poor thing.

  23. The bathtub surround certainly needs some tile work. The husband should have fixed that before taking photos. And Courtney looks like she’s on something.

  24. Holy crap she looks ALOT better without any makeup

  25. Patrick, I have and I am sure we are not the only ones. 🙂 You and I know it probably goes higher than that. Know what I mean Vern? lol

  26. It’s not about posters but there seems to be a real Strom (me) and an imposter who obviously has no life or self esteem.

  27. There are trailer lots, flop houses and motels full of her type.. nothing special here..

  28. The last time Courtney saw 17 was about 20 years ago.

  29. Kind of wish she was a real Blond..So many woman know adays just color there hair and that turns me off to some degree but all in all this girl is sexy and sweet and lovely and Rich and she has her whole life ahead of her and she is very proud of her body and god knows she takes good care of her body…I am on this blog to talk about my feelings and thoughs and give my point of views on issues that torch my heart and soul.

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