How refreshing it was to hear Chrissy Teigen’s open apology and admission of guilt to the nasty bullying charges made against her by Courtney Stodden. It’s not often you hear an accused party totally admit to guilt and apologize profusely. Chrissy admitted she was “an attention-seeking troll “ ten years ago when she attacked Stodden on Twitter. She went on to say “I’m ashamed and mortified and sad at who I used to be” It was a nice apology, but was it driven by fear of what Chrissy might LOSE if she did not handle this delicate situation correctly? She does have books, various TV cooking projects, a modeling career and a Target deal that theoretically COULD be jeopardized by the present cancel culture. Keep in mind, Courtney Stodden is not a very sympathetic character- she WAS 16 when she married a 51 year old man ten years ago, but observers weren’t sympathetic because she dressed like a stripper. However, Chrissy’s tweets WERE inexcusable. We hope she really DID learn her lesson.

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  1. Chrissy is suffering from some kind of brain wasting disease. It’s the only explanation for her frequent social media meltdowns .

  2. No doubt Chrissy’s apology was at least partially motivated by wanting to keep her media “empire” intact. And I have a massive amounts of sympathy for Courtney Stodden but I think Courtney also may have less than pristine motives in bringing this up. Courtney like publicity too. It’s the last thing she needs though. Courtney needs to get out of show business, get a job, and strive for a normal life.

  3. Chrissy Teigen is a big mouthed bitch! She’s the perfect example of the losers that love social media! Talentless and an empty vessel.

  4. That apology was certainly not sincere, stiffen has said that tiegen and her people have never reached out to her directly, it’s a joke and the motivation for tiegen is to save her brand. She’s an ugly girl without talent and had John not dated her, we would never even have to know who she even is. She’s an abrasive pig, who even recently attacked some other loathsome people. Tiegen is a pig coward that goes after people she thinks our population detests, so that she can be the hero of the woke movement. I have never bought her act, she is STILL an attention seeking troll and a bully, she certainly deserves to be canceled, she contributes nothing but the fake woke statements and quotes you might read as Instagram captions. Our society is so stupid and people like tiegen are part of the larger problem. Just go away, she’s unnecessary.

  5. She’s a true lightweight. She can dish out her venom, but she sure as hell can’t take it.

    She is a vapid wench.

  6. Cancel culture doesn’t accept the concept of contrition. But if you’re a person who’s been making the right noises then it can ignore things.

  7. Seems like there are many more who she has ruthlessly bullied. Hope they will tell their experiences with her.

    Teigen is one of the stupidest people (Low IQ) in Hollywood, but due to her husband, has built an empire. What she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in loud-mouth hatefulness.

  8. Courtney obviously has some problems but that is no excuse to attack a 16 year old. Chrissy is a classic bully. She acts all sweet and nice in front of others then engages in psychological abuse towards her weaker victim when she thinks no one is looking. Her and that loser she’s married to are also anti-white so screw them. Courtney never bothered anyone.

  9. Glad target and Macy’s have dropped her, no one is looking for her line, Walmart is selling her garbage now at big discounts! The real question is why did anyone ever think she was worthy of a line?

    All of this raises the question, why is Chrissy so miserable, she’s clearly not happily married, if she were, she wouldn’t be so angry, everything they tell the press and lies and tied to these stupid endorsements.

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