Reality stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, 40, was spotted on a family outing in Soho this week. She’s with her husband Roger Berman, her 1 year old son Skyler, and her mother Leslie Rosenzweig. It’s safe to say Rachel probably learned a lot from her stylish and determined looking mom.


  1. Fast forward 20 years, Rachel is a carbon copy of dear old Mom.

  2. I don’t like RZ. I think she’s been an instigator of the whole “you must barf your brains out after every meal to stay a size 0” phenomenon. I’m not impressed by her taste or style either.

  3. why don’t she get it?

  4. agreed. Rachel looks just like mommy except she has dyed blonde hair and still think Roger is a closet gay

  5. A group of sour and self satisfied yids. That is all you can say about them.

  6. I’m glad she had a boy cause if it were a girl she’d probably already have her on a diet

  7. palermo, I don’t think it would matter if it were boy or girl. When the kid gets old enough, he “may” shoplift carbs and start spending the night with other kids just to get marcaroni and cheese.

  8. When I see the very pretty and emaciated Zoe, I find myself (seriously) spelling out C L A V I C L E .

    Bones aren’t sexy. They remind me of sickness and death.

  9. She has a strange little zero round mouth.

  10. The only nice thing I can say is the baby is adorable! Looks like a doll.

  11. They look like they have alot on there mind and happy and cheerful and it looks like every one is having a wonderful walk and trying to go some place special…As far as the clothing they all look fantastic and wonderful!

    Really, I LOVE JEWS, us closet queens do, you know. We love Barbara Streisand and all of them.

    I wish I was Jewish. I’m dumb and broke as hell. White trash that way, you know. I blame my dad for drinking all that moonshine and my Mom was banging the mailman, a black dude. Thats why I’m so bitter.

    Again, when I’m off my meds, I’m cool. When the check is late and I can’t afford to pick up a prescription (don’t ask!!), I come here and spew racist bullshit.

  13. Not every one who gets together and visit each other ask about Dress of cloths in real life…What ever you feel like wearing and what your in the mood for matters and all…I see is a family who loves each other and cares for each other and is having a wonderful day…For all we know they could be on there way to lunch some where in the city?

  14. Druid bums.. So dreary and gloomy .. She should live in Aspen year around.. she’s always dressed for a blizzard.. or has anemia and is cold.. Strange woman to choose fashion for a career and not project what is flattering.. lose that parted mop of long straggly hair too..

  15. So, Casonia, the warden has you on heavy duty meds. That’s a good thing.

  16. Harvey I was beginning to think that too. But at least there is seperation between paragraphs and a bit more cohesion, but still the looney rambling.

  17. Harvey & Cal, you are correct. It is Casonia. You can google Sir Justin Ross
    Feierabend and you will see where “Casonia” mentions that name in a comment section.

  18. If Janet won’t delete her crazy comments (God knows they get worse), then she should have to supply each of us a bottle of liquor and prozac to cope.

  19. Geez Strom, it’s about time you come clean about yourself! What took ya so long?

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