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Andy Cohen recently addressed the rumors that he was getting frisky with his best friend, John Mayer. While Andy’s denial is true, (John is in touch with his feminine side, but he’s 100% straight) what he didn’t address is the top secret project for Bravo they’re working on. According to my inside Bravo source, Andy has been after John for years to star in a reality show on Bravo. John’s resisted until now. The concept is still being worked out, but will mostly revolve around John’s life as a playboy who is suddenly looking to settle down. As we previously reported, John’s also interested in starting a family, so expect that to be a part of the show.

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It’s NO coincidence that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s family made their red carpet debut at Nic’s movie premiere of Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead). It so happens, they’re all gearing up to star in a reality show. Nicole went from an unknown nepo baby to a household name thanks to one of TV’s first reality shows, The Simple Life. (above) Now she just might be returning to her showbiz roots with a possible new show based on her family’s life. My source says THAT’S the main reason Nicole and Joel decided to include their kids Harlow and Sparrow at the movie premier  – previously they kept their kids OUT of the spotlight.


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Travis Kelce made headlines this week when he revealed on his podcast that he’s living the happiest life he’s ever lived. Here is what we know. Since being linked with Taylor Swift, Travis’ income and business opportunities, including endorsement deals, have increased exponentially. He’s making money hand over fist and combined with the perks of dating Taylor it’s easy to see why he claims he’s living his “best life.” Our source predicts that Travis and Taylor will be engaged before the end of the summer if not sooner.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company seemed to bury the hatchet after an ongoing battle. While much of this has to do with the fact that Ron is no longer running for president and doesn’t feel the need to generate headlines with outlandish lawsuits, we’re also hearing his wife, Casey was the one who urged him to make peace with the entertainment giant. Here’s why… Casey loves Disney World! It’s where she and Ron got married so she truly finds it one of the happiest places on earth.  She realized she couldn’t be seen there when Ron was at war with Disney but now that the fight is over she plans on being there a lot and renewed her annual pass.

Britney Spears got people talking this week when she posted a since deleted Instagram video of her and her ex-husband Sam Asghari. According to our source, there’s a reason for the sentimental post. The duo haven’t been in contact since splitting up but they’ve recently begun talking again. While it’s too soon to call it a reconciliation, we’re hearing that it’s certainly not out of the question as Brit misses having Sam around. Stay tuned as we will share more details as we hear them.

Gypsy Lee Blanchard made headlines when she announced her short-lived prison marriage to Ryan Anderson was over. No sooner did she announce the split than she was seen hanging out with her ex fiancé, Ken Urker. Here’s what we know: Gypsy enjoys being in the spotlight and is secretly working on a pilot for a reality series based on her life after prison. Her husband Ryan wasn’t so keen on the idea and VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera, but her ex-fiancé Ken also seems to relish being in the spotlight. As of now, Gypsy and Ken are claiming they’re just friends, but we’re hearing a romance is percolating to go along with the planned reality show.

And finally, Donald Trump made headlines once again (surprise surprise!) after posting a $175 cash million bond in his appeal of his $400+ million civil judgment in New York City.  We are hearing that Donald is working hard to come up with money making plans to pay off the debt since he had to borrow the cash. Our source says that in addition to hawking $60 Bibles, Donald is actively working behind the scenes to put his name on everything from fragrances to shampoo. He’s working every angle to make a buck.



One of football’s most glamorous couples is getting their own reality show to document their lives as newlyweds! Before you jump to conclusions-  we are talking about San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey and his soon to be wife, former Miss Universe turned model/actress Olivia Culpo. Although Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are football’s most famous couple, Christian and Olivia are the runners up. They’re set to wed this year and have a deal to film the early years of their marriage for TV. As our source puts it, they’re planning on mimicking the concept of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, whose reality show, “Newlyweds,  Nick and Jessica” documented their beginnings as husband and wife. (keep in mind, Nick and Jessica divorced a year after their show ended…)


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Could Mike Pence go Hollywood? According to an insider, now that he’s suspended his presidential campaign, the former VP is focused on the next chapter of his career and has hired an agent to get him jobs. Before he announced his bid for the White House, Mike was quietly approached about appearing on Dancing With The Stars, and while flattered, his religious beliefs wouldn’t allow him to dance with anyone other than his wife. While that show is off the table, Mike is open to most anything else – including hosting a conservative talk show or even a reality show based on his family.

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Uh-oh. Jessica Simpson is going back to her roots. Jessica first found superstardom in 2003 when she and her then husband, Nick Lachey starred in Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which was one of the first and most popular reality shows. Fast forward twenty years later – and now Jessica and her current husband Eric Johnson are plotting a RETURN to reality TV. It’s in the beginning planning stages, but the action will focus on their hectic home life with their children, as well as Jessica’s plan to restart her acting career. Jessica’s lost a LOT of weight getting ready for all this…

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Pamela Anderson is everywhere these days, thanks to a Netflix documentary and her bestselling autobiography, and now, according to a friend, she’s secretly shopping around a reality show. After taking a long break (living in France etc) from the spotlight, Pam is officially BACK. She’s never been known for her acting and she loved working on her documentary, so she feels a reality show would be the perfect fit. She sold her Malibu home awhile back, so it would likely be filmed on her sprawling estate in Canada and revolve around her handsome sons and her Hollywood comeback.

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Caitlyn Jenner walked the red carpet at the National Television Awards in London after she was a big hit on the I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here! reality show. Caitlyn and a bunch of UK celebrities were dumped (via sky-diving) into an Australian jungle and tormented with insects and snakes etc, for 30 days.( Caitlyn said the hardest part for her was wearing a swimsuit!) She didn’t win, but she got the highest salary – around $650,000 for the experience. She fared better than she did as Bruce when he took part in the same show in 2003. Caitlyn, now 70, doesn’t really need the money, but says she wanted to challenge herself and was happy that she made some new friends.

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We have a feeling that the E! network thought it was a good idea to do a reality show with Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson because they both have famous relatives: on Ashlee’s side – her sister Jessica Simpson, and on Evan’s side, sister Tracee Ellis Ross and mom Diana. Evan and Ashlee are coy about their famous families turning up in the show – in fact they hope to limit the appearances of their kids (daughter Jagger, 2, and Ashlee’s son 9 year old son Bronx with Pete Wentz) This weekend Evan and Ashlee filmed a musical appearance together at Warwick for the reality show – ahead of releasing an album together. We still have reservations about Ashlee after her SNL debacle.


When we first heard the rumor that Kris Jenner is pushing to get Rob Kardashian his own dating show, we had immediate doubts. BUT when you stop to think about it, the show could be REALLY awkward and amusing. The reality show Rob’s Romance would film Rob going out on dates with various women to find his perfect match (if indeed, he has really split up with Blac Chyna for good.) Since Rob is notoriously reclusive, we can only IMAGINE his discomfort. How will the fact that he’s overweight, 30, and unemployed affect the female suitors? Will he EVER take off that baseball cap? This is one dating show WE are eager to see!

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