Celine Dion made headlines with her sit down interview with NBC’s Hoda Kotb where she revealed intimate and painful details about her battle with Stiff Person Syndrome. Here’s what we know. The interview was Celine’s way of testing the water to see the public interest and reaction and it was SO positive that she’s forging ahead with plans to star in a reality show. The details are still being worked out, but it’s likely to appear on Bravo.

We continue to get updates on Leah Remini’s attempt to sell her Studio City, California home. After a number sales fell out of escrow, we are happy to share that Leah finally accepted a close-to-asking offer on her property. The buyers seemingly don’t have any connection to Scientology, so Leah is confident that this time the sale will go through.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s baby storyline was featured in this week’s episode of their Hulu series, The Kardashians. Here’s a tidbit you won’t see on the show. After a difficult pregnancy with their infant son, Rocky, Travis and Kourtney are secretly turning to surrogacy in hopes of having a daughter. It’s hush hush, but my source says the second baby could already be on the way!

Donald Trump continues to make headlines- most recently because a producer on his former show, The Apprentice, revealed that during season one, Donald dropped the N-word about finalist, Kwame Jackson. Here’s what I just heard… there’s top secret speculation that the incident was caught on tape, but the only way it could be released is if there was a legal court order. This is where it gets juicy – behind closed doors some are encouraging Kwame to SUE for discrimination, and if the tape is located, a judge could decide whether or not to make it public.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marital status continues to dominate the news cycle. One minute they’re wearing their wedding rings, and the next they’re not. In addition to our previous updates we just heard this: Jennifer’s mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez, is acting as Jennifer’s marriage counselor and SHE was the one who persuaded J.Lo to cancel her summer tour to focus on her marriage. Guadalupe and Ben share a special connection (they bonded over their love of gambling!) so even when Jen isn’t around Guadalupe and Ben have been spending time together. As my source puts it, if anyone can save this marriage it’s Guadalupe.



Well it only took them 8 days, but People Magazine just reported OUR May 20th scoop on Jennifer Garner. We were the first to tell you that Jen was hoping that her ex-husband Ben Affleck can save his marriage to his current wife, Jennifer Lopez. Mostly because J.Lo keeps Ben committed to a healthy non-alcoholic lifestyle. We also added the tidbit that Garner was actively playing the role of an unofficial marriage counselor doing everything in her power to ensure they stay together. See the link below of the item people ran today. Once again, you know where to turn to for the best Hollywood scoops!

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Jennifer Lopez has an unexpected ally during her marriage crisis to Ben Affleck – his ex-wife Jennifer Garner! While J.Lo and Ben are working to figure out their future, an insider reveals Garner has offered her support to BOTH, encouraging them to make their marriage work. The former Alias actress has been divorced from Ben since 2018, (she’s happily dating businessman John Miller) so she KNOWS what it’s like to be married to Ben. She also knows Lopez has been a positive factor in his life, and the life of the kids. Garner’s biggest fear is that Ben will fall off the wagon and spiral out of control again if his marriage to Lopez disintegrates, so she’s actively encouraging them to stick it out.

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Justin Bieber’s model wife Hailey Baldwin has been frantically busy lately, flying from country to country for Fashion Weeks everywhere, and she hasn’t had much time to spend with her problematic husband. Hailey’s back in New York, but Justin was NOT with her when she left church today – apparently he departed earlier, deep in conversation with his pastor who is counseling him. (Is that pastor qualified?) Justin insists his mental struggle with anxiety and depression is due to fame and NOT his marriage, but we’re starting to wonder. There is still NO date set for the wedding ceremony they’ve been talking about for so long…

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