Last year we were hearing all sorts of gossip about a Freddie Mercury bio movie that Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Productions was set to produce. Freddie, the fabulously flamboyant lead singer of Queen who wrote most of their hits, died of AIDS in 1991. He was a fascinating rockstar with a propensity for spandex. Few people realized that he was an Indian born in Zanzibar who idolized Jimi Hendrix and Liza Minnelli. (Click here to watch him perform.) Johnny Depp was frontrunner to play Freddie in the movie and Sacha Baron Cohen was supposedly under consideration. Last we heard the script was being reworked. Who do you think should play the legendary Freddie Mercury?

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  1. I have thought about this and believe Jonathan Rhyse Myers would be excellent in the role. Sorry that isn’t spelled right. I loved Freddie and did not know he was a person of colour. Just never thought about it. He is missed .. really really missed. Also did you know that while he certainly had a gay life, his true love was a woman?

  2. Freddie Mercury was born on the African island of Zanzibar, which was a British Colony at the time (hence the accent). His were Parsians but he was educated in India (in a British school)

  3. I would just hope that anybody who can sing would get the role!!!

  4. How about a homosexual for the role?
    New idea for Hollywood to cast a gay man in a gay role.

  5. I think Clay Aiken or the closeted homosexual Jake Gylenhaal would be perfect.

  6. another pointless movie on a individualist who died young. whats the point? so many amazing well rounded people who had a positive effect on other’s people’s lives, and hollywood choosing to immortalize people who were nothing but eccentric. not to down freddie mercury but i’m sick of the bio pic of musicians. they were a great musicians but do they really deserve such an honor?

  7. Overrated. I liked a few of their songs but rock & roll was better when it was simpler not so overblown and produced like Queen’s records.

  8. He had a beautiful voice. I never tire of stories of how wherer someone came from, and how they got to where they are. Especially musicians.
    To see the rise, and what they went through is very interesting.
    I would hope that they would not have someone else sing, and just be someone who is excellent at lip syncing. I don’t want to hear someone else’s average voice.

  9. glad to see some got facts right
    Freddie was a lovely kind and shy man in person…on stage he held you in the palm of his hand… a true talent that is missed by millions to this day
    i personally think he would cringe at any movie being made about him….
    he would rather the music be the thing to remember him by…
    for Queen lovers check out
    go have some fun–party with Queen fans and raise some money for charity..

  10. i heard through Brianmay.com that there was never a Freddie Movie to be made. Please don’t spread hateful comments about him…it’s just not nice. he was a great soul… and an kind and gentle person that sacrificed himself to make others happy… give me a break… alot of people promiscious… do you think just because they’re straight…their better? gosh! Freddie wasn’t someone who was just eccentric…you have to think about the time that Queen came out (musically) and all the talent Freddie and the band possessed, all over the world they’re legends, for some reason in america…they’ll always be underdogs…i’ll never understand that!! they were the first to produce a video! remember bohemian rhap??? please! think about all the music that they made almost THIRTY years ago the people still know and love!!! and most of it was freddie’s music!

  11. Johnny Depp, Eric McCormack, or Ola Salo (lead singer of The Ark), would all be good choices. They can all sing, but no one has Fred’s vocal range of 4 octaves & the singing should definitely be dubbed. Incidentially, he was bi, not gay, & had many women lovers. Even though he seemed flamboyant on stage & at parties, he was a sweet, kind shy individual, often being overly charitable anonomously. It would be an insult to Freddie’s memory to have Sasha Cohen, who is not even a talent or an actor(just an ugly crude “comic”, & obsessed Queen fan trying to resemble Freddie by sporting a mustashe!). Sasha should just stick w/ what he does–toilet/insult “humor”.

  12. IMO, Depp would be perfect. He’s not afraid of controversial roles. When watching The Libertine I saw a striking resemblance to Freddie.

  13. I still love him! Thanks Farokh Bulsara for everything! Movie? Find an actor from Bollywood! That would be very appropriate and It would please Freddie!

  14. Johnny Depp will bring out a good characterization of Freddy Mercury.

  15. Dude, Sacha would be perfect. One, he’s already got the moustache down, and two, I think Johnny Depp’s the biggest asshole ever. He’d ruin the man.

  16. defiantly Johnny Depp. the man is of the greatest actors to ever grace the planet. what more could you want? the best singer being portrayed by one of the best actors in the world? the two are basically equals. Depp would push the limit as far as acting as Mercury. i truly hope he gets the role.

  17. I agree with a much earlier comment, let’s leave the man be, if for no other reason than for out of respect for Freddie Mercury, his family, friends. Freddie Mercury, while living, only wanted privacy, as any other human being would. He is still felt everywhere in the world, his mark was made as an artist, in true form. To me, from what I have seen in interview’s by himself and the band, Queen was and always will be (with or without Freddie)a class act. Just look at the beautiful music still being made by Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Paul Rodgers.

  18. I hope that this will never to be made. I wonder why even make a movie? their music will live forever without some stupid movie. We should respect he’s wish what comes to privacy life etc.
    And no one will ever know how to play Freddie, that would be just ridiculous. Let him rest in peace, finally.
    Sorry bad english..

  19. Freddie is an amazing musician/permformer. I can’t imagine making music myself without his influence. I can only hope that one day, soon, that current musicians will get the balls to think freely and make music without inhabitions. Freddie was and what he will always remain in my mind. Make a movie if you would like, you could never make me think diffrently of Mercury!!!! And i’m not even gay… Not that there’s anything wrong with that! RIP Freddie, Thank you.

  20. Who wrote that Freddie was evil? You are a hateful bitter person and who made you God? Freddie was the kindest sweetest man to have ever graced the planet influencing peace and unity. Freddie may have had aids, but you have something far worse. What you have is a serious case of sel rightiousness. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Look in the mirror, you are a hateful person and I feel sorry for you.

  21. I think the best person to play freddie is in Las vegas, his name is Richie. Currently he works as a dealertainer at the Imperial Palace. He is the BEST Freddie I have EVER seen.He moves like Fred, sings like Fred and even speaks like him. He is the best live performer i have ever seen. If you are ever in Las Vegas, look him up. This guy is AWESOME!!!!!

  22. OMG!!! I saw the guy in Las vegas. He totaly rocks!!! I loaded him on youtube. He is the best!!!

  23. I was in vegas two weeks ago and saw the freddie at Imperial Palace. Brilliant! I am from Manchester, U.K. And have seen many “Queen” acts. All others pale in comparrison to this one. HE IS FREDDIE!!!

  24. I know that I am a day late and a dollar short on these comments. I have to agree that there should not be a movie about Freddie. I would love to see more documentaries about him though. I am a major Freddie and Johnny fan and still don’t want to see this so called movie made.

    For the record, Freddie was not evil, he was not sweet either. Oh, and the name of his girlfried of 6 years is Mary Austin.

  25. He was e great musician and great personalitie. So what if he was gay? He was wonderfool. He deserved that honor. I cant white movie to come.

  26. I believe that all attempts to impersonate the brilliant Freddie on the screen will inevitably end in frustration.

    As for the cheap Sasha Cohen, any association of him with Freddie is a huge insult to the latter.

  27. All I can say that after 18 years from his death I still miss him.I still listen to his unic kind of voice from his solo projects and Queen every day.Movie?Well the Morrison movie came out just fine,I would ask Oliver Stone first,Freddie had a complex personallity,who’s life was lived to the edge,it is not quite so easy to make a movie about him.He said to his long time partner and friend once,that he just wants to rest in peace…at once also said”An iterviu?O don’t be ridiculous”so I dont know what he would say right now,finding out there is a movie coming up about his life.
    There are many talented artists out there and he was one of them,personally I ador him,for his talent,for his voice,for who he was,alog with the living members of Queen,because they are special too.

    Lover of Life,Singer of Songs…Rest in Peace…still love you!

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