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We have pointed out before how much Matthew Perry is starting to resemble Joey Buttafuoco. This recent photo illustrates just how right on we are. Check out that profile. Maybe that’s why he resists having his picture taken.

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  1. Who cares. I still like him. I think he’s cute and I’ve heard he nice guy.

  2. Matt really has a not-so-great profile, and actually does look like the lowlife Joey. He can’t seem to find the ‘love of his life’, despite auditioning many. I neither like him or dislike him.

  3. Janet your comments are mean spirited and juvenile. What does your chin look like?

  4. Whoa. Poor Matt slammed into middle age like a cream pie hitting a brick wall.

  5. Has somebody been SHITTING on your face?
    No problem, the pleasure will be all mine!!

  6. he should be happy anyone even cares to take his foto anymore. i agree about the hair plugs, def. he was part of an ensemble cast, it worked because of all of them, since then, he’s had nothing. go into charity work or something good for the world. your acting career is most likely finito!

  7. He hates having his picture taken cuz he’s paranoid due to being back on pills & shyt!!
    People get real he could care less about his profile the guy is rich as a King if he really wanted to fix it he could.

  8. He’s always had a wonky squished up face like Leo DiCapio and Justin Timberlake, that doesn’t improve with age.

  9. matt is trying so HARD to find a girl to his liking maybe he’ll be another jack nichelson spelling is wrong sorry jack. he’s been seen with so many different women in the last year it’ll make your head spin!

  10. I still think he’s cute, money or no money. Are he and Meg Ryan still together?

  11. The strangest short-lived match Matt ever had was prob with the ever-hot-to-trot Julia Roberts. Word has it that he was crushed when she dumped him. Matt, she is not right for anyone, except maybe her present hubby, Mr. Danny Nobody Roberts.

  12. 11:20 AM: Yo, there are some things plastic surgery can’t do. Maybe a master magician in plastic surgery could fix that profile, a tricky process to say the least.

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