Well it only took them 8 days, but People Magazine just reported OUR May 20th scoop on Jennifer Garner. We were the first to tell you that Jen was hoping that her ex-husband Ben Affleck can save his marriage to his current wife, Jennifer Lopez. Mostly because J.Lo keeps Ben committed to a healthy non-alcoholic lifestyle. We also added the tidbit that Garner was actively playing the role of an unofficial marriage counselor doing everything in her power to ensure they stay together. See the link below of the item people ran today. Once again, you know where to turn to for the best Hollywood scoops!


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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1 thought on “WE TOLD YA SO!

  1. Garner cheated on and dumped her first husband for Affleck.
    Then she drove him into a spiral of drugs, gambling and alcohol.
    She’s an odious woman in ‘real life’.

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