One of Tom Cruise’s buddies who went to school with him, had some interesting things to say about the actor before he struck it rich in Hollywood, to the NY Daily News. The boys were good friends at St Francis Seminary School in Cincinnati for the two years that Tom attended school there. A priest at the Seminary said that Tom barely passed the IQ test – the cutoff minimum was 110 and that’s exactly what Tom got. During those years Tom was a devoted Catholic who never missed mass, and aspired to be a priest, but he and his pal were asked to leave the school when they pulled a boyish prank. They raided the priest’s liquor cabinet and got caught. Tom‘s family moved to New Jersey shortly after that and his religious plans were set aside. Obviously Tom is happiest when he is deeply involved in a religion and perhaps that’s why he took to Scientology so readily.

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  1. Maybe he does have a low IQ, but he does have dyslexia, so I’m wondering if that was a factor? Who knows?? The friend may not be telling the truth either right? 😉

  2. at least he isn’t a Southern Baptist ( the faith where hate and incest are a sacrament ), poor dumb Tom.

  3. Scientology has a cross as part of their symbol? How phony is that?
    While not my cup of tea, Baptists are some of the nicest, sincere people I’ve ever met, especially southern Baptists.

  4. If an abysmal score like 100 is average, no wonder the planet is such a mess!! It would be great to give IQ tests to our “leaders”.

  5. Sounds like a normal teenager to me. I think its his lack of a father that made him look for an authority figure, and the church is the a most convenient one.

  6. 100 is an average, not low IQ. A person with a below normal IQ could not be as successful as he has.

  7. I knew a local Southern Baptist preacher, and when he wasn’t stealing from the congregation, he was ……… his daughters. A hippocrite in extremis, like so many of them. Eventually imprisoned, but protected for far too long by his slow thinking flock.

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