Leave it to LaToya Jackson to figure out a way to make money from Michael Jackson’s kids. While much of the family has been banned from the Calabasas home where Prince, 16, Paris, 15, and Blanket , 10, live with Michael’s mother, LaToya, 56, has maintained a relationship. According to The Daily Mail, she knew the children had show business aspirations so she started a talent agency called Ja-Tail Enterprises, convinced them to sign up, and now manages them. And they’re not complaining- after he signed, Prince landed his job on E.T., and Paris is set to film a movie next summer. LaToya gets 15% of their take. So far, the kids are LaToya’s only clients, but you can visit her ambitious website by clicking here.


  1. why is the UCLA or the CSUSB not that important at this age?
    let these people first become “Mature”.

  2. And everyone thought Toy was a dummy,looks like she out foxed them all!

  3. No wonder Michael didn’t want to deal with his family,they all are leeches.Couple more years and Michael’s kids will be able manage their money without “help” of the family.

  4. Poor kids getting involved in this business and with this skanky leech. They have the money to be anything and should have gone away to Europe and gotten an education before deciding and gained some culture without spotlight. Aunt “Toya” is happy to steal 15% instead of just helping and they are now being turned into more Kardahians promoting overpriced junk to people who can’t afford it. Soon other BLACK Jacksons will be happy to help Paris out of her clothes as well.

  5. I hope he children truly have someone looking after their best interest. I kind of doubt it, though.

    As for LaToya, man she looks like a freak. Stop with the plastic surgeries and skin bleaching! Is this family not proud to be black?

  6. Nope,,,the entire family hates their race…..they want to be anything but BLACK.

    Soon there will be a fight between Kardashians and Jacksons as to who can promote the most junk.

  7. Will somebody please get this kid “blanket” a name?

  8. @ Noblecascade:

    I agree 100%. Blanket always looks worried and/or troubled.

  9. Those kids all look sad and uncomfortable. How sad that they are being exploited by their own family.

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