This outfit for MEN was featured at the Milan spring/Summer 2022 show this week and believe it or not, it’s FENDI! Usually, strange designs like this come from young up and coming fearless designers who want to be noticed and have nothing to lose. You can’t picture a customer actually buying it. But it’s Fendi! Can you imagine anyone having the courage to wear this? At least the model doesn’t have a beard…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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8 thoughts on “THE SUMMER 2022 LOOK FOR MEN

  1. The name says it all. Every time I see ugly and ridiculous clothing it is Fendi

  2. How many ‘manly’ men are going to wear this? Not many.

  3. It’s all part of the movement to feminize men and to increase saturation of homosexuality

  4. Janet, your looks are no better. Yellow hair at your age???

  5. He has the body of a teen age girl. His legs are way too skinny. Not manly and not a good look for a man.

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