Fendi must be recoiling at the thought that they ever collaborated with Nicki Minaj. Everybody had a laugh when Nicki Minaj explained her lack of vaccination by claiming her cousin’s friend in Trinidad was rendered infertile after the shots. The silly story blew up on the internet and reporters flew to Trinidad to “investigate.” Perhaps embarrassed by her ignorance, Nicki retaliated at the reporters who attempted to interview her relatives by posting their personal information online and encouraging her fans to threaten them. She herself tried to intimidate journalists with “your days are numbered” and called them names like “dirty hoe,” revealing herself to be as crass as some male rappers. Sorry Nicki, we treasure freedom of the press way more than we treasure you…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. A better question is how did this zero talent woman reach the limelight

  2. Not a fan of NM at all. But who in the hell are you to chastise her for her for not getting the jab? God, I’m sick of people who hate on those who hold a different belief.

    Janet, you are not the feminist you claim to be. You are a virtue-signaling snob. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Last time I checked, a person’s medical status/condition is a private matter between doctor and patient. How do you know ANYTHING about her medical conditions?

  3. She has always been a dirty filthy skank. How she became famous is a sad comment on American society

  4. Nikki is among several in our community who do NOT support the vaccine. It was my choice and understood others have different views. Some valid concerns, others complete idiots. I can’t untangle the hubby & Mrs. allegedly harassing his victims of sexual assault. I can’t ride with anything she says until this is resolved.

  5. Light Brigade,

    That “private matter between doctor and patient” should extend to reproductive freedom as well.

  6. This covid hysteria needs to stop. It’s 100% curable with Hydrochroliquine and Ivermectin so why is everyone obsessed with pushing this nasty shot that has already killed 50,000 Americans? And who are you to discredit her story as “silly” Janet? Where did you get your medical degree? Did you perform an exam on her friend? For your information dingbat, the spike protein the shot produces coagulates in the PROSTATE AND OVARIES. FACT!

    Look it up on Duckduckgo

  7. In answer to the poster above: 6 transnational corporations control 90% of all media content we see. Any singing female performer is now sexually marketed essentially as a prostitute. Vocal ability is not the core requirement.

    Covid is still less lethal than the common flu, but, it has made many of these same transnational corporations BILLIONS of dollars. This is a profit industry with the benefit of social engineering the masses into obedience and destroying privacy laws and rights.

  8. The final covid variant is COMMUNISM. This fake pandemic is an excuse to enslave humanity to the billionaire class. How Janet cannot see this is mind boggling. either she’s stupid or on their payroll.

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