This is the mob scene outside the LA Supreme Court building where Britney Spears’ conservatorship hearing is taking place. It’s shocking that so many people are intensely interested in the situation. Certainly MOST INTERESTED OF ALL is Britney’s 26 year old handsome boyfriend Sam Asghari, who doesn’t get along with Britney’s dad. Britney and Sam met 5 years ago when he appeared in her Slumber Party video. She fell for the personal trainer hook line and sinker, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. We get the feeling Sam is eager to marry Britney ASAP and take control of her life, if her father Jamie ever steps away from the conservatorship. Don’t think that’s a good thing. Remember, Britney was judged incapable of raising her own two sons…

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  1. Janet, conservatorships are for people who are grossly incapacitated such as individuals with Alzheimer’s, brain damage or who are institutionalized. If Britney can perform a Vegas residency of two shows a day and go on tour clearly she is a functional human being. If she can work she has a right to make decisions about her on life. Mentally retarded people have more rights then this. Furthermore, this business of force sterilizing her with an IUD is a violation of her human rights. I am really starting to get disgusted with you Janet.

  2. Sam is Iranian and has been teaching Britney the Koran line by line. Of course he has a great stake in the outcome of this hearing. He’s trying to get her pregnant and to get at the millions of American dollars that she “slaved” over.

  3. Did “This is really sick” ever stop to think that BS can perform 2 shows a day and go on tour BECAUSE she is under conservatorship? We all saw what she became without people looking after her and it was very sad.

    I don’t pretend to know what the answer is, however, the answer is not letting that Sam dude run her life and fortune.

    We don’t know what mental conditions BS has, but she clearly cannot run her life without help, or a court would have ended it long ago. And Sam is not the “help” she needs.

  4. The Britney conservatorship is as scary as the Soviet Union throwing dissidents in asylums Clearly she can function well enough, there’s no reduced mental capacity in her, there’s nothing she’s being treated for. It’s a big money grab by those around her and the judges DGAF.

  5. Britney needs a new, professional, credentialed money manager, which she’s expressed openness to, and could use a life/career advisor. She also needs an iron-clad pre-nup.

  6. What the hell is wrong with all those people.Don’t they have anything better to do with their lives. Clearly she is not sane and needs help and the boy friend clearly has dollar signs in his eyes those demonstraters need to get a life and worry about things that are more important than some over hyped singer

  7. Agree with Janet. Can’t believe the court would end a Conservatorship without a medical evaluation, which is what Ms. Spears has requested. Not a good idea. Some people have mental illness and poor judgment, rendering them incompetent. They can walk and talk, but need others to ensure their health and welfare.

  8. FREE BRITNEY! She is the money train for her father, and that’s all.
    The parasites that surround her are disgusting.

  9. Britney Spears earned her money and she is entitled to spend it as she sees fit. If she wants to blow the whole thing that is her right, it’s HER money. If she wants a baby that is HER right. She has the money to take care of it. There are people with bipolar disorder who are CEOs. A mental illness is no excuse to take away someone’s human rights. Everyone has been feeding off this woman for years. She supports her parents, lawyers, managers, record companies, and that creepy Federline character who hasn’t had a job since he knocked her up.

  10. What “This is still sick” said.
    I’ll add. Given the bizarre manipulations behind the scenes in Britney’s personal and professional life and that her conservatorship is micro managed by her dad’s team. Her daddy has 2 restraining orders against him for abusing Britney’s son. Yet all her therapists are decided on by her dad? Who she supports financially. It’s not clear what actual mental illness (if any) she has- one of her dad-picked doctors was actually in bad standing. He’s since passed. Summarily Britney is not free to choose her own financial, legal, medical council, or management team.

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