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We’re glad to see that Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow) and Robert Iler (A.J.) who played brother and sister all those years on The Sopranos, are really fast friends. The other night they had dinner together at Il Sole. For readers out there who are still going through Sopranos withdrawal, there is relief. See the sensational movie Eastern Promises. It’s the most amazing gangster movie since Casino. Tony Soprano would have loved it.

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  1. maybe she deserves what she has cuz she’s a poor judge of character and dates losers?

  2. What is it with men? She takes the time to look nice, dresses well, even wears high heels, and he can’t even put on a clean pair of pants and a shirt?

  3. a compelling and creative formula that effectively combines dialectic truths about people or man and woman and other related subjects. action, suspence, genuine, dramatic, spellbinding, fascination and the end of the beginning.

  4. Do yall even know them. Have yall been there on the set from day 1. Plus they may be just having dinner because they miss being on set together and they know that they will never get to do that together again. It’s like a brother and sister having dinner. Plus I think she’s seeing someone

  5. I Watched it for a minute and I Though I Have had enough and just needed a break from that kind of show and so I Never got into it and I did not pay any attention to it and I could not tell you one single hour of one single show.. But I know people love it and that is good but the show has come and gone and I had never really watched it and if I Was standing next to the cast of the show I Would not notice or be star freaking and what I Mean by that…Not up in there face and smiling or saying something to them at all.

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