After High School Musical wraps, sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are planning to team up again – this time to play Donny and Marie Osmond! Disney thinks they’re perfect for the Donny and Marie TV movie. The Osmond brother and sister duo ruled TV with a long running variety show in the 70’s, and their private lives featured lots of backstage drama. It’ll be a challenge for makeup artists to make Zac and Vanessa look like brother and sister, but it sounds like fun with those 70’s haircuts and platform shoes.

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  1. Disney might be on to something, but you would have thought they’d had a better picture of those two together.

  2. This is why disney has no power over Vanessa Hudgens, cause they need her.

  3. I can’t wait for the movie!! But, isn’t there someone who looks a little more like the wonderful Donny? Like…maybe one of his sons….or nephews?

    Zac so flamin’ you can see him from outer space! I’m predicting rehab for either of these two Disney has a dysfunctional way of creating healthy young junkies…

  5. I think its great that they are doing something about Donny and Marie after all they worked really hard on the show and deserve some recognition… I love them and always will.

  6. who’s a fox and a queer? Is that Vanessa and Zac or Marie and Donny???LOL!
    I think D amd M are great. The other two are okay too. What’s your problem Posh?

  7. Wow! My daughter and I will have to hold each other back at the premier!

  8. EW. I love D&M, have since I was a kid. Anyone but these two playing them, please. I am sick to death of them.

  9. pam what ‘s your problem posh is right he’s a queer. if you can’t figure it out you must be some dumb chick and probably ugly too.

  10. Yeh Right, You mean: Fabulous in his Ass!! That little Zac-boy is a ASS-Fucker. With other words: Miami Beach-Calender-Mister: FAGGOT>BOY!!

  11. YOU GO gerard Zac loves the boys it’s just a front dating vanessa. that’s why you don’t see her and him together much.

  12. TELEPATHIC messages from advanced civilizations that live in peace and harmony in the center of our earth, which is hollow and contains an inner SUN, with oceans and mountains still in their pristine state . i can’t say that about the outside full of weird humans sound familar Zac. and Donny?

  13. pam is JEALOUS because she’s not in the limelight like zac and donny and marie and van. boo hoo!

  14. It’s from now on: Sir Faggot John!! I don’t think he sleeps very well lately, although little boy’s can help him out!! Faggots are just interested in THREE main things:
    – SEX (they don’t care with whom, boy or man)
    – SEX (parties, as much sex as possible)
    – MONEY

  15. I think the idea is great too. But I tend to agree with the person who stated that there must be a way to have someone from Donny and Marie’s family to portray both of them. I know for a fact that Merrill’s daughter Heather, for example, is almost the spitting image of Marie. She is also suppose to have a lovely singing voice. Then they could pair her up with one of Donny’s sons. For us Osmond fans, that would be just about perfect!!!

  16. Oh Goodie! Does that mean she will put on 40 pounds and get 2 bad facelifts like Marie? I can’t wait.

  17. Oh Goodie! Does that mean she will pack on 40 pounds and get 2 bad facelifts like Marie? I can’t wait.

  18. Oh Goodie! Does that mean she will pack on 40 pounds and get 2 bad facelifts like Marie? I can’t wait.

  19. WHY do we need a Donny and Marie movie? WE DON’T…unless John Waters takes it…
    My daughter Tonya and I feel he could have Donnie as a tea-bagging trannie, and Marie straddling the Ice Vanities while sucking on poop…I’d pay to see that.

  20. You people really need to get a life ! Do u honestly think any of these people give a rats ass about what u think ?? Hell NO ! U write things on here about them as if u know them ! Get a damn life in the real world ! Thats why most u morons have screwed up family lives youre so busy on the net worried about people who u wish u could be !

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