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Although the movie “The Master” was heavily played DOWN as a take-off on Scientology before its release, it turns out to be quite a criticism of the cult. A few years back, Hollywood was afraid to even use the WORD Scientology in a joking way. Lawsuits were a huge threat. Jokes on sitcoms were deleted to avoid litigation. But Scientology seems to be spectacularly losing its power in the wake of the Travolta sex scandal and Tom Cruise divorce. Journalists are freely writing critical essays on the subject (Vanity Fair, for instance) and drop-outs from the cult are telling all. Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie “The Master “ is a breakthrough because the main character based on L Ron Hubbard is a 50’s science fiction writer and a con-man, and its excellent reviews indicate that it will be seen by many people. Scientologists are complaining, but no one cares. This movie couldn’t have been made fifteen years ago when Scientology bullied Hollywood and magazine writers and we know this from personal experience. A Hollywood insider told the NY Post: “Scientology membership is now an admission of gullibility.” (Photo: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix star in “The Master.)

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  1. I dont get it JC…what have you got against Scientology? Have they ever done anything to hurt you?

  2. I look forward to seeing the movie and they have done nothing to hurt me. Just saying…

  3. All this wisdom coming from a woman who enjoys making fun of the overweight, the underprivileged and the Blacks.

    Bullying is bullying, anyway which way you twist it.

  4. Great insight, Barry…..take 2 bagels and call Fred Goldman in the morning $$$$$$.

  5. Someone should do a movie about the disproportionate amount of Jewish actors in Film and TV

  6. Steve Martin had the guts to make fun of scientology in “Bowfinger” years ago. And, tom cruise must have paid for the scientology center in my town–what a huge blight with its signage. scientology even has its own prison for dissenters. That’s where Shelly Miscavige must be–in the “hole.”

  7. tom cruise in 2013?


  8. HEY! FACTOS INTOLERANT !!!! >>>>>>>

    Liz smith wrote:
    There’s been a lot of chat that “The Master” is a sizzling expose of Scientology. It’s not. Although the cult in the film, called The Cause, bears some resemblance to what we know of certain pseudo-worshipful and intimidating techniques, the movie is really about the complex, often humorous, often sadistic relationship between the lead characters.

  9. “Scientology membership is now an admission of gullibility.”

    Membership in any religion is an admission of gullibility.

  10. All religions are cults and set up to make a profit and attain power. Including all the christian freaks on this site.

  11. Sad to say but this is not crushing blow to Scientology and this cult is not dying out anytime soon.As long there are gullible idiots who believe anything just to make them feel better,there will be cults who are milking those gullible people.As long as goverment is not cracking down hardcore on Scientology,it’s here to stay:(

  12. religion ( not the sci. is one or any exist) is like a penis
    its nice to have one
    its OK to be proud of it
    but don’t go around waving it in front of my face…..( or anywhere near me!)

  13. Tiny Tom Dictator is throwing fits, screaming, kicking, turning blue, and that happens any time his beloved cult is dissed. hip hip hooray. Maybe SCIentology will survive just until they find wifey #4 for the brain-washed idiot. And if no gal wants to take on this crazed fungus, maybe he and David Miscavage will walk off into the sunset hand in hand, ever worshipping L. Ron until they all meet together in the hot, great beyond.

    dark sided: You are probably correct. As long as there are stupid fools and celebs, SCI will survive, albeit maybe not as strong.

  14. no worries Tom Cruise can always cuddle with the latest Scientology Converts Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

  15. There is a sadistic relationship in scientology–david miscavige laughing about tom cruise late at night with a slug of scotch.

  16. Well, least they got the sci-fi & conman gist of it.

    @Pitbull Lover – Good one, LOL!!!!

  17. Sounds like there are a couple of Scientology spies on this comment board. Scientology by its very existence is doing all of humankind harm. It needs to be stripped of its so called religious status…and soon. Then it will be much easier to take down and then these people can be de-brainwashed.

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