Megan Fox made a surprise appearance at her former fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s recent 34th birthday party. Many people were surprised because they assumed their relationship was over after they called off their engagement. We know that the couple are still together for now, working on the relationship with therapy sessions a few times a week. Their engagement is still on pause and they’re not technically in a committed relationship, but couple’s counseling is helping them decide whether they should stay together and work toward marriage or go their separate ways.

Blast from the past, Delta Burke, made a surprise appearance on the Glamorous Trash podcast and while she dished the dirt on what happened with her exit from Designing Women , what she didn’t reveal is that CBS is working on a reunion movie, bringing back Delta, Jean Smart and Annie Potts. We know that the tentative script has them reuniting in Atlanta for the funeral of Julia Sugarbaker played by the late Dixie Carter. It’s not a done deal yet, but if the stars align the funny women will be back in Atlanta making us laugh.

Catch and kill has been in the news a lot this week thanks to Donald Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York City. Former National Enquirer honcho David Pecker testified how the tabloids make deals to purchase unfavorable stories about certain celebrities and not print them in exchange for cooperation from the celebrity. Our longtime work with the tabloids certainly made us familiar with this concept and while we weren’t there when the Trump agreement was hashed out, we can share this juicy tidbit. Decades ago the Enquirer made a similar deal with Bill Cosby – in exchange for not publishing stories about his wandering eye, Cosby provided the tabloid with exclusive interviews and information for years.

David Beckham made the news twice this week. First when he posted a video to his social media of The Spice Girls reuniting to honor of Victoria Beckham‘s 50th birthday. His second headline was his $18.8 million lawsuit against Mark Wahlberg and his fitness company F 45. Here’s what we know about both stories… Not only did the Spice Girls reunite for Victoria’s birthday, but they’re planning to perform together at next year‘s Grammy awards as they are set to be honored. As for the lawsuit, we’re hearing that it’s going to get ugly unless it gets settled quickly. David is confiding to pals he has some sort of smoking gun, but he’s not revealing exactly what it is!

And finally, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were vacationing in Carmel, California, this week but rest and relaxation weren’t the only reasons they were there. We can tell you this: The couple is looking to put down roots in California outside of Los Angeles, where Taylor already has a home. In addition to the Carmel and nearby Monterey area, they are also considering Santa Barbara. They are looking for a coastal community where they can settle down and raise a family. We heard that was the REAL reason they spent time up there and plan to visit Santa Barbara in the near future as well.

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Remember where you read this, as it could happen any second. Look for Andy Cohen to take a pause from his Bravo duties in the wake of recent accusations of cocaine use and a lawsuit by former RHONY cast member, Leah McSweeney. Our Bravo source reveals that behind the scenes executives are strategizing to give Andy a timeout until the scandal leaves the headlines. Nothing has been finalized yet, but the plan is for Andy to claim he has a personal issue to attend to and have guest stars take over Watch What Happens Live until the dust settles on his recent scandals.

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We really want to LIKE Lizzo, but it turns out that what she SAYS and what she DOES are quite different. Lizzo bragged that she “loves herself just the way she is” and seems to be very supportive of other “big girls.” She has always emphasized her inclusivity, acceptance, and body-positive attitude. This lawsuit charging her with mistreating three of her dancers paints her as a narcissistic bully. And half a dozen other co-workers have also made allegations against her. No apologies- Lizzo denies everything. This website has always teased Lizzo for her highly questionable fashion choices. She goes to expensive places like Craig’s restaurant wearing embarrassing skimpy outfits. She gets LOADS of attention – not all good. Maybe she shouldn’t love herself QUITE so much…

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We are absolutely DELIGHTED to hear that Leah Remini is continuing her campaign of EXPOSING the truth about the church of Scientology with a 60 page lawsuit! This untaxed and corrupt “church” really has it coming. In the lawsuit, Leah points out that they have harassed and intimidated her and people around her and explains how they have caused her to lose business opportunities. I had a similar experience years ago when I revealed in Star Magazine that Tom Cruise was a Scientologist. I didn’t realize what a HUGE scoop it was. After that, fake lawyers started calling me to find out my source for the story. The phone company called and told me people “from several states” had tried to get a copy of my phone bill and warned me that they probably would succeed. They eventually DID. My source was a former Scientologist and when they got her name from my phone bill, they tormented her and made sure her family members who were still Scientologists never saw her again! When the truth about Scientology is finally revealed, Tom Cruise’s career will never be the same…


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This comes from a Disney insider, and although it’s more business gossip than celebrity gossip, we feel compelled to share it. Now that Disney is suing Florida governor and likely presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, the entertainment conglomerate has a drastic plan if they don’t prevail: they’re closing Disney World and cutting all ties with Florida! The insider explained that the “nuclear option” is already being discussed behind very closed doors at corporate headquarters in Burbank, and feelers are already being put out to land developers to appraise the 25,000 acres owned by the amusement park. Keep in mind, OTHER states would be THRILLED to welcome Disney. While my insider stresses it’s a long shot, they also insist that if DeSantis doesn’t back down they are prepared to call it a day. This would likely destroy Florida’s economy since Disney is the state’s largest employer and bring in billions of tourism dollars.


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After nearly getting crushed to death and breaking 30 bones in that snowplow accident on January 1, Jeremy Renner is focused on the long recovery ahead of him, and of course he’s exploring his legal options. Jeremy is no stranger to litigation – his divorce from ex-wife Sonni Pacheco was anything but “conscious uncoupling” with his and hers lawsuits. When he’s not having surgery or therapy, Jeremy is consulting experts to confirm if his snowplow had a mechanical malfunction- such as a nonworking brake light. A friend says he hasn’t made any decisions on a lawsuit, but he’s hinted he could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in income if his recovery keeps him out of work for as long as expected.

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Hollywood has a solid history of tolerating workplace sexual harassment and enabling important predators, so any change for the better is delightful. As star and executive Producer, Kevin Spacey no doubt figured he could get away with that behavior on the House of Cards set because none of the young male crew members he preyed upon wanted to go on the record -for fear of being blackballed. Finally, ONE brave guy talked and the resulting investigation got Spacey fired and taken to court by the MRC entertainment company. Spacey was sued for revenue lost after he left the show and attorney fees, and he just LOST and the judge says he has to pay almost 31 million dollars to MRC! Hopefully this will motivate egotistical actors and executives to control themselves…

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Johnny Depp has been wallowing in undeserved admiration from his fans ever since he won his libel suit against Amber Heard. His happy lawyers no doubt advised him to quickly settle a lawsuit filed against him by a crew member on the film City of Lies, before the lurid details could become public and spoil his positive aura. Fact is, Johnny was obnoxious while filming the movie – he was irresponsibly drinking and using drugs and treated co-workers horribly by keeping people waiting for HOURS or not bothering to show up at all. His ego got the best of him and he beat up a crew member who rubbed him the wrong way. It was too late to replace Depp and everyone had to power through the awful shoot, vowing not to work with Depp again. Producers pressured the crew guy to sign an agreement that he would not press charges against their leading man. He refused and they FIRED him! So naturally he did file a lawsuit, and now he’s enjoying the hefty settlement that he certainly earned.

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We almost didn’t recognize Kesha when she appeared on The Today Show this morning. Gone is the tangled blonde hair and the glittery face makeup- not to mention the outrageous fashion. She looks dead serious. Is this what working with Sony music producer Dr Luke did to her? Since 2014, she has been in endless courtroom battles with him – she couldn’t get out of her contract (signed when she was 18) after claiming he abused her. He has sued her for defamation, her mother, and her lawyer (even a fan of hers) multiples times and she countersued – and mostly lost. Does she have any money left? Hopefully she can pull her life and career back together.

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Johnny Depp must be very smug since his REVENGE lawsuit against Amber Heard seems to have paid off. If he had REALLY believed that Heard’s article in the Washington Post had damaged his career by inferring that he had abused her, he would have sued the Post also. It was all about his ego. What happened to free speech? Certainly the #MeToo movement has been damaged by this – women WILL be afraid to call out their abusers if they have power and money. Hollywood insiders know that Johnny was behaving very badly on sets BEFORE he even met Amber. His drug abuse and arrogant intoxication made him frequently late (with no regard for co-workers waiting all day) – if indeed, he showed up at all. Producers had grown wary of his self-indulgent rockstar attitude and tried to avoid hiring him. If you have any thoughts that Johnny was the good guy here, just read his emails revealed during the trial. Simply being in his company was abuse…

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