We really want to LIKE Lizzo, but it turns out that what she SAYS and what she DOES are quite different. Lizzo bragged that she “loves herself just the way she is” and seems to be very supportive of other “big girls.” She has always emphasized her inclusivity, acceptance, and body-positive attitude. This lawsuit charging her with mistreating three of her dancers paints her as a narcissistic bully. And half a dozen other co-workers have also made allegations against her. No apologies- Lizzo denies everything. This website has always teased Lizzo for her highly questionable fashion choices. She goes to expensive places like Craig’s restaurant wearing embarrassing skimpy outfits. She gets LOADS of attention – not all good. Maybe she shouldn’t love herself QUITE so much…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. What a disgusting pig. If I was in a restaurant and she came in dressed like that, I would throw up

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