Billy Ray Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Heart broke again this week when he filed for an annulment from his estranged wife, Australian singer Firerose. While the headlines were scandalous -with both sides leveling accusations against one another- I am hearing it’s going to get even messier. Firerose is now trying to get Billy’s estranged daughter Miley and his ex-wife Tish to testify on her behalf about his history of alleged abuse. As my source puts it, the gloves are off and the punches are coming.

Travis Kelce was on the news when he was seen partying hard on Tuesday in Nashville Tennessee, but his trip wasn’t all fun and games. We heard that when he wasn’t living it up, Travis was actually checking out commercial real estate as he and his teammate Patrick Mahomes are eyeing opening a location of 1587 Prime, their Kansas City steakhouse in Nashville. Only this time their business partner will be Travis’ better half Taylor Swift. Their thinking is while there may not be many Kansas City Chief fans in Nashville, there are plenty of Taylor Swift fans there to fill the seats.

Madonna made the news when a lawsuit two concertgoers filed against her was abruptly dismissed on their part. The suit centered around Madonna starting her concert two hours late and claimed fraud. Here’s what we know. Madonna quickly filed an Anti-Slapp lawsuit against the two so that they would be legally responsible for her legal bills if they lost the seemingly frivolous case. Mere moments after the suit was filed, the duo’s case was dropped. Once again, learn your lesson people, don’t mess with Madonna.

Kevin Costner made the news when he spoke fondly about his time on Yellowstone in a cover story in People magazine. Here’s what we know. The reason for Kevin‘s sudden change of heart is because he’s quietly negotiating to rejoin the show for one final season. Kevin’s interview was his way of extending an olive branch, and if a deal can be reached, Kevin will be back on the popular show.

Finally, the big story of the week was Justin Timberlake’s arrest in Sag Harbor, New York for an alleged DUI. We are hearing two things. Justin‘s wife Jessica Biel has been telling friends that Justin seems to be going through a major midlife crisis as he’s no longer a member of one of the worlds most popular boy bands, but now a middle-aged man with wrinkles and thinning hair. From another source though, we are hearing something a little more nefarious. Some music industry insiders are speculating that the whole incident was planned to give Justin an excuse to postpone or cancel his world tour amid sluggish ticket sales. Although Justin’s team has already come out and denied it to TMZ, my sources agree that he will likely do a stint in rehab to repair his tarnished image.

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Brace yourself for some PAINFUL ticket prices. Adele is appearing at the Caesar’s Palace Colosseum starting on January 21 thru April 16 and she’s doing two shows per weekend. The singer, who’s already worth 220 million,(and complained that it’s too expensive to live in London) is expected to earn $680,000 PER NIGHT! Not including the sales of Adele t-shirts and merchandise, of course. Superfans can buy a “Weekend with Adele” (including two shows and a hotel room) for from $952 to $12,244 for the best seats. Regular concert tickets START at $400. To put this in perspective, Britney Spears took home $475,00 per night in Las Vegas. Is Adele the highest paid singer in the world? She’s the female Frank Sinatra