Ryan O’Neal has been making a huge deal out of his prostate cancer and of course, there’s a good reason that has nothing to do with honesty. The dramatic announcements (is it stage FOUR or stage TWO, Ryan? Make up your mind!) were well timed to arouse pity and draw attention to his new book “Both Of Us- My Life With Farrah.” So he’s still cashing in on his relationship with Farrah, perhaps because not many people care about HIS life story. On his website, Ryan modestly describes himself as an “iconic actor, Oscar nominee, and true movie star.” Miraculously, he’s not too sick to schedule a cross-country book tour, starting in New York Tuesday.



  1. I venture to think that most deeply conceited actors/actresses would take one last ride to have their ego stroked by whatever remaining fan base they had left.

  2. Haha, got that one right, Janet.

    Oh my god, so that’s where Tatum gets her old-lady knees (I think she’s gorgeous, but she does have old-lady knees)

    Ol’ Ryan’s been threatening to kick off for years, now. Wonder if he’s telling the truth this time (new book? book tour? probably not. And, no, I will not be sorry if I’m wrong; he’s the one that cried wolf)

  3. Ah, now I know why the story about Farrah dying in his arms is all over internet. He’s plugging a book. D-bag.

  4. “iconic actor, Oscar nominee, and true movie star.” Sounds more like he’s got stage 10 mental issues. When was the last time this donkey did anything relevant?

  5. You’re absolutely correct Walt. Actors/actresses constantly need their egos stroked. That’s my theory as to why Hollywood marriages don’t last. They constantly need attention.

  6. How much money can he make on this poor dead woman? I guess he taking a lesson from the Jacksons.

  7. don’t count on honesty when you’re a dying american, folks!!

  8. I’ve never understood this guy’s appeal. He’s always been a pompous ass and a downright bully. His kids never stood a chance with a narcissistic bully and drug addict like him for a father-not to mention their screwed up mothers, too.

  9. Did Ryan ever fess up as being the one whose preference for anal sex was the cause of Farrah’s cancer?

  10. I think Oneal is letting the world know that he really loved this woman and that they had some amazing wonderful times together and…He is simply sharing the information with the world.

  11. Ryan O”neal really miss the love of his life and no matter what he will never ever be able to talk to her again or hold her hand or take a walk with again or smell her skin…This man is lost without his mate to share his life with and if he shares a special moment and there is something the world has no idea about? It is a true gift to share that information with the world and with love ones to keep her spirit alive.

  12. Whatever happened to the Andy Warhol painting that O’Neal is keeping from the University of Texas?

  13. He makes me ill. Poor Farrah suffered so much and it always baffled me WHAT she saw in this egomaniac! Even Ryan’s own SON told Larry King he couldn’t understand why Farrah stuck around all those years. No one cares about Ryan O’Neal and he certainly won’t get much sympathy from people, especially the way he treated Farrah while they were together. SHE was a good woman who deserved better. God rest her soul. He should be ashamed.

  14. This is the second time in my life that I’ve left an opinion on Janet…It was a very unkind remark about Steve Guttenberg being a kind of “has-been”..I felt kind of bad about it, and wrote a nicer sentence after the first….THEN I scrolled down to THESE 15 responses!! HAHA!”Donkey”…”Grandma Knees”.. Wow…you certainly don’t hold anything back!

  15. Did Ryan ever fess up that his proclivity for anal sex was the cause of Farrah’s cancer? Or did FF just prefer it?

  16. I don’t like him.He seems like a nasty person.

  17. This proves evolution–whales once walked on land.

  18. Did anyone see Barbara Walters rip him to shreds on the View on May 1st?? Was painful to watch.

  19. dear Strom, anal sex is not a cause of cancer.

    Jesus man, your stupidity is boundless isn’t it ?

    I guess those summer school biology classes just didn’t stick huh ?

    If penile placement was a causal agent in Cancer, wouldn’t vaginal cancer be epidemic, worldwide, you dummy ?

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