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Priscilla Presley doesn’t go out a lot – presumably her Scientology activities keep her busy- but when she does, we like to see how she’s doing. Priscilla is famous for her plastic surgery- she’s always been a natural beauty but she started fiddling with her looks back in the 70’s when she got a radical face peel. Since then her complexion has been extremely light – almost translucent like Cher’s. She looks attractive but not exactly natural, as she leaves Mastro’s Steak House in Beverly Hills.

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  1. women in the entertainment industry are under a lot pressure to look young, attractive and thin.
    there is nothing wrong with having cosmetic surgery to enhance and improve your looks.
    but as with everything, cosmetic surgery must be done in moderation.
    your skin can only be pulled so far before you look very weird.
    after awhile, these guys ( Mickey Rourke) and gals ( see above) begin to look like burn victims who have had reconstructive surgery.
    obviously there are too few ethical doctors who can tell a wealthy patient “NO. You should not have any additional surgery. NO I will NOT perform any additional surgery on you”.
    miss pricilla presley could soften her look by losing the frightfully dark and overly arched eyebrows.
    theres nothing she can do about having had too many surgical procedures performed on her face and body.
    she was a cute kid when elvis hooked up with her underaged ass.

  2. How old is she now? 60-something. She looks very wierd for a lady in her 60’s. Yikes!

  3. Stop the insanity! It looks like she has Posh’s imlants in her cheeks. Plus the lips, YIKES!!!!

  4. Pris looks like the “Joker” on the old Batman series. It would help if she would lighten her hair a little. Also, she shouldn’t outline her lips. She should wear peachy pink lipstick. And, NO MORE surgery. It must hurt to smile.

  5. I agree! She looks awful. The point of cosmetic surgery should be to enhance your looks, not to look like a microwaved plastic doll.
    She looks really bad. Does she really think that no one can look up her age? What a freak!

  6. We agree; she has totally overdone surgery. Can any of you good folks answer this: What happened between Prissy and Marco Garibaldi, live-in lovers of many years, and parents of Navaronne. None of the rag mags have ever discussed this, so do any of you have details? Thanx

  7. I remember seeing the cover of a magazine with Priscilla, Lisa Marie and Lisa Marie’s daughter. The scary part was Priscilla had less wrinkles than her daughter. That’s when you know it’s gone too far.
    She and Dolly Parton look like the Joker now.


  9. Cher,Joan,Priscilla, Dolly, Marie, and plastic recepient…Heather resemble that gal who wanted to look like a cat and had a gazzillian plastic surgeries. They have arched eye brows in a surprised look, bubble cheeks, punched lips surrounded by tight stretched skin. They look like Bobble Head Dolls.
    Hollywood sucks the life out of people, so seductive.

  10. Dont kiss her ass…admit it: she looks like a scary clown. A freak. A botched experiment. AWFUL!

  11. It’s not quite strange. She was married to the KING of POP and plastic surgery demollisher: MICHAEL JACKSON!!

  12. When she was on Oprah she looked pretty good until she opened her mouth—– ugly gray teeth.
    hat should be fixable.

  13. When she was on Oprah she looked pretty good until she opened her mouth—– ugly gray teeth.
    hat should be fixable.

  14. She looks AWFUL. How can you say she looks attractive? She’s just plain scary.

  15. Uh Gerard, SHE was not married to Michael Jackson, that was her daughter

  16. She completely ruined her face. She looks scary now, not at all pretty, yuck.

  17. Should have STAYED IN MEMPHIS!
    Gained a few pounds and would have been happy!!
    The King is still around.
    But one has to go to Holly Springs or down to Marks. As he no doubt has several “hideaways”
    Died on the throne! Yea, right!
    Privacy is the REAL – KING!
    Tell her to get into the Hill Country Blues of Mississippi.
    She’ll know what I’m talkin about.

  18. A boob job would her wonders !
    Atleast B cup, so you can go bra less and give the married guys something to look at when you walk by.

  19. Get Marie into Bluegrass…
    Can she yodel like Roy Acuff? That gal could be crank’in out the country stuff – Nashville right up the road.
    What’s she out in Hollywood for?
    Remember – Johnny Cash, fooled around Memphis for a while got wise an moved to Nashville!
    Just gotta find the sound or have someone find it for you!
    Been out West… Time to turnaround and find your goldmine!!!

  20. She better carry ID at all times. I doubt God would recognize her and many of hollywood’s shallow freaks after they die.

  21. She was a beautiful girl and she would be a beautiful woman if she had just left her natural lovliness pretty much alone. Frightening.

  22. Scientology is a major-evil cult; those involved in it will not, repeat, not, go to heaven. I think PP was crushed when she split with El. El would never have gotten into Scientology. Since divorce, she has had no strong godly man in her life, so she just keeps getting face lifts in her eternal quest for youth.

  23. Attractive? On what planet? Oh wait, Xenu….She is only attractive (now) if you are into comic book faces. She is the poster lady for ‘what NOT to do to your face’. OMG! Why doesn’t anyone tell her she is hideous? She was GORGEOUS on Dallas – and then she got all freaky on us. Her dr should be disbarred – no thanks to THAT dr. 9021-NO!

  24. You know she comes back to Graceland every so often to check on things. Check out the stock CKXE, which owns a vast part of the Graceland now.
    When was the last time YOU, were in Memphis? While you visit check out STAXX, Gibson Guitar Custom Factory tours, Sun Records… Zip down to Clarksdale, MS…
    Wonder why Eric Clapton never came over when british invasion was going on… Anybody here reading his autobiography?

  25. Go to Dyersburg, TN police department and ask for directions to Hideaway bar.
    Look at photographs on the wall near the dart machine. You will spot him instantly. He’s still got that twinkle in his eyes and that good charm and wit.

  26. Go there at night and you’ll hook up.
    Don’t buy a soda pop from Joan if she’s still alive, last time I was in there she was chain smokin cigarettes and drinkin beers.

  27. But, do buy a beer!!!
    Looks like a rough joint but it’s mighty tame. With lots of easy men.

  28. Attractive? I suppose if you find Michael Jackson attractive then you might find Priscilla attractive too. She WAS a beautiful woman who completely destroyed her looks. She’s hideous, but she’s all set for Halloween!

  29. Miss Priss needs to lighten her hair just a tad, give it a little curl and fullness. Also, she needs to not outline her lips and fill them in with that god-awful blackish red lipstick. She should wear pale lipstick. Don’t have a clue as to how to fix her ghost-white skin. Po kid.

  30. Its amazing beautiful people don’t see their beauty. Pricilla was a natural beauty but its gone now.. all that work ruined her beauty. What a shame!

  31. Priscilla Presley is a very lovely, accomplished actress and sound business woman. She appears to be a good mother, and a decent human being. Try to refrain from being so mean spirited about her appearance. Hollywood and fame puts a lots of unfair pressure on women, especially aging female stars. Show a little love and compasion. There are far many younger women today, who aren’t even faced with the artificial pressures of fame, with unsightly implants, over inflated lips, and unneeded surgical alterations to their faces and bodies than there are older women, famous or not. Cut these older women some slack. Everyone wants to try to look their best as long as they can.

  32. One look at Priscilla Presley and you would call a lawyer to sue for malpractice. WHAT HAPPENED? No one in their right mind would accept that work as OK. A beautiful womand totally destroyed. Scarey that’s all, just scarey.

  33. I think she may have had work done recently in that her face looks overfull, however, that should ease somewhat when the swelling subsides. Her biggest problem is that her hair is too dark and her makeup is too stark. She actually looked great when she was dancing and had more natural make-up

  34. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of chickens. Women stop with the plastic surgery! You should worry about the inside not the outside. You are still old. Get over it. You just look wierd and unnatural.I always thought she was so beautiful. She isn’t anymore. Find something else to do with your money. Geezzz.Bye

  35. I have followed Cilla since her beginning w/Elvis. The lady is gorgeous & should leave well enough alone. At her age, I believe of 62?, she isn’t making movies or acting on TV. She should definitely stop all these procedures before she loses what looks she has!! It’s not too late, but getting close. All this PS these days is not good. Women need to accept reality & age gracefully like the majority of us have to do. Anymore collagen in her lips & their going to look like the back side of a monkey’s butt.

  36. She was so warped-looking on Dancing With the Stars, I had to go online to see if the poor woman had suffered from a stroke & was rehabilitated. Under that notion, I thought “Good for You, getting out there and performing…giving people hope.” To find out this is all from years of plastic surgery made me shake my head in wonder. Good grief. I guess I will just never understand the human nature of vanity.

  37. I found out that her plastic surgery was botched by a plastic surgeon that did surgery on her, Lionel Richies wife, Melanie Griffith and I believe Madonna just to name a few using a silicone that was suppose to be better than botox but was actually a low grade silicone that was not FDA approved and was smuggled into the country and used on them and many others. He was sued and spent eighteen months in prison.I believe she is in the process of having reconstructive surgery to fix the damage.

  38. I am a senior lady age 70. I am an avid Dancing With The Stars Fan. I think Priscilla Presley is doing a fine job with her dancing, she is the oldest contestant. Also, I can see she is shy and unassuming. She was and is beautiful and should not do any more plastic surgery. Hopefully the botched work can be redone and she will grow old gracefully. Seems like a good Mom/grandma. Certainly not an easy task to keep her life very private, however she has done that…never a picture of her companion or her son Navarone.

  39. go take a walk in your local grocery stores and see how 99 percent of older women look? pricilla looks very good for her age.most if you didn’t look
    as good as her when you were 20

  40. pricilla presley looks beautiful for her age and looks better than most women in and around her age group . For all you people who criticize her
    she looks better at 78 then most of you looked
    in your 3os

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