Looks like Russell Brand was right when he expressed his opinion that Rihanna was a hard core partier and bad influence on his ex-wife Katy Perry. Rihanna’s many nights of indulgence caused her to feel sick and miss the important dress rehearsal for Saturday Night Live, yet she appeared quite normal during the live show. She claimed a “shot of penicillin” (from Dr Feelgood?) revived her in the dressing room, but we all know penicillin doesn’t instantly cure anything – much less a hangover. And injecting it without a very good reason is dangerous. After the Met gala Rihanna landed in the hospital hooked up to tubes in her veins for “ dehydration” and posing for a Twitter photo. Obviously she thinks her indulgences are funny and no big deal. Let’s hope she has better friends than Whitney Houston had.

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  1. insert typically delusional, purile, racist. hateful, homophobic comment here

  2. this girls trajectory is not looking good, 18 months ?

  3. Chris Brown expressed his thoughts cogently about Rihanna earlier today.

    “Don’t f**k with my old bitch, it’s like a bad fur / Every industry n—– done had her / Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her / Bitch is breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

    Jay-Zee reportedly gets a cut from all of her paid ‘hookups’

  4. Girlfriend needs a solid reality check, like yesterday!

  5. How is it these “celebrities” always end up in the hospital with the flu?
    They obviously don’t have Kaiser.

  6. if you don’t try it you don’t know……….

  7. Above cmment was the pitiful little Strom imposter trying to look important.

    She is surrounded with hard core BLACKS and her mannish looking lesbo partner is near her side. She is way overdone for her amount of talent. Send her back to the islands and take the others too.

  8. Water is good for every one in the world…If your going to drink always remember 8 Glasses of water per day…Will keep everything okay.

  9. Dancing and drinking and flirting is fun and it is best to stop drinkig once you start feeling really good.

  10. Penicillin shot….Danger ahead if you don’t stop but it is her life and what ever goes into her body is her choice and to be taking it for no reason at all is like dangerous and watch it young lovely lady and be safe and take care of yourself.

  11. Worried about your Ex..There is still love there and concern and worry and..When you Divorce some one that part of the relationship end and there is freedom to do stuff that you have never done before and trying new things.

  12. Divorce means your life is your life without your partner and you have the right to go where you want and do what ever you want and see whoever you want and it really means cold hard freedom and having things your way. And sense your are both Divorce it is better to keep your Business under your Hat and not talk to your Ex about what your doing with your time in the future. I know I am Divorce and my Ex Mate can do what ever they want…Divorce from some body means your life goes back to what it was before?

  13. Could someone please decipher Chris Brown’s comment for me? I don’t speak stupid.

    And does “quite normal” during the live show mean lip-synching?

  14. RiRi is even more crazy for pussy than Whitney was at her most lesbian moment. She must absolutely be checked for std’s and then should be deported before she can do more harm.

  15. dehydration is code for drugs in Hollyweird; the rest of us would just drink a glass of water

  16. RiRi ghetto style and rampant lesbianism is a terrible example for the BLACK race, which is looking for role models. She can only spread disease and sorrow while she scoops up money and moves on. She is one big head fugly in any event and noting approaching a beauty. The mannish looking person in the photo is her regular pussy provider but they all should be sent back to the islands and she can practice her acts there.

  17. Sometimes this Stars really work there buts off to the point where they don’t take care of themselves and they simply don’t drink enough water every day to stay Healthy and strong and water really cools down the system of the body and puts it in check but you don’t drink enough on a daily basis….You body breaks down and you lose balance…I hope she is okay and hope she will start taking better care of herself in the future…And always remember she can buy the best water in the world and change some simple habits and keep her health together as far as drinking more water in the future.

  18. What do u expect from a prostitute from The Bahamas! She is disgusting!

  19. Why are all these fucked up people stars? The more fucked up, the more money they make!

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