Jessica Alba is fast becoming one of our Hollywood fashion favorites. She doesn’t look like just another cookie-cutter starlet, nor is she way too sexy. The fact that she’s a smart businesswoman doesn’t hurt, either. Last year she launched The Honest Company that provides natural diapers and household items. She’s also writing a book called The Honest Life, which is coming out next year along with her movie “Escape From Planet Earth.”

Photo Credit: Buzz Foto


  1. As per usual jc gets it wrong! JA didn’t start the company, she gets paid for lending her name and image to the brand. This company is started by a Korean company that thinks Americans would rather buy from non Asians.

    Nice try though, that’s like saying jay z owns that basketball team, he owns a fraction of 1% and it’s only in hopes he will bring people to the games of a wack basketball team.

  2. Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba started the company with a few investors!

  3. so why is it she won’t tell people she IS mexican?

  4. Folks that is an IMPOSTER!!

    EVERYBODY knows Jessica ALREADY revealed that she is bi-racial!

    SEE? That fake racist above is TRYING TO JACK MY GOOD NAME!!

    That said, I’d lick her kitty but I’m closeted GAY, FOLKS…I crave MAN-MEAT… on the DOWNLOW of course.

    Folks at my TRAILER PARK don’t cotton to GAYS….

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  5. Poor little imposter is getting its jollies in the corner again…..cant do anything on its little on self so has to try and be someone else.

    Jessica has also invested in some silicone for those lips.

  6. You can be certain she didnt start any company on her own.

    Besides being a denier of her heritage, Jessica has had a long history of opening her legs early and often as any possible relationship develops….no matter how fleeting it may be. Ubfortunately this tendancy has also reportably led to a nice case of herpes!

  7. Strom
    YOU are the FAKE just a JEALOUS QUEEN that I am STEALING your shine.

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  8. Poor little imposter is getting its jollies in the corner again…..cant do anything on its little on self so has to try and be someone else.

    Rainbow Reta is in her element!

  9. Not Reta, you bitter closet case. YOU must be Reta, he who smelt it dealt it.

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  10. Poor little imposter can’t do anything on its own….go back to your reality shows and gay magazines. Maybe someday even you can develop an identity that works (not).

    Hope & Change

  11. Now you’re trying to play nice. You should hope that you change your musty drawers!

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  12. This woman is smoking hot and truely amazing and she a natural when it comes to her Beautiful and she is lovely and is truely amazing and really pretty woman.

  13. She is really hot, especially once the stds start on you.

    Poor little imposter has to clean the bathrooms and take out the trash from the medical facility…then can go back to its gay magazines.

  14. She is a wonderful actress and has all the right moves and is truely amazing in her own special way and she has the staying power of an strong woman in many directions.

  15. She is one of the most reviled and self centred Women in Hollywood. No one will work with her, thus the Diaper endorsement.

  16. Jessica is Smart and Talented and Beautiful and She is Rich and has more on the ball then most people in this world..She is truely amazinga and a Hell of a Good Actress.. Even though I don’t know her…I do wish her well and hope her future is Bright and Alright.

  17. hey Strom

    you seem awfully involved in the lives of complete strangers, and your comments seem really personal, as if you actually think you know something about these people …. or that anyone else really cares what you think.

    it’s one thing to make comments, but quite another to live through someone else, it’s pretty sad dude, do you have a life of your own ?

    somehow, i suspect not …

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