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Christina Ricci and comic actor Owen Benjamin wrapped “All’s Faire in Love” awhile back but he’s still her leading man. In spite of the fact that Christina is 5’1″ and Owen is 6’6″, they do have a lot in common, and this is believed to be the first photo of them together. Christina is becoming a regular at LA’s Improv where Owen produces comedy shows.

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  1. xtina ricci is one hot star. Janet, you are striking a hot iron girl.

  2. Must I “read” this asshole’s mind?
    : THIS IS JUST ANOTHER FUCKER, let’s show some love!!

  3. CR is such a different looking girl.
    Owen Benjamin – now there’s a household name, I’m sure everyone knows who he is. NOT

  4. ^^^
    Sorry about that; to rephrase:
    What happened to the hairy-backed jew with whom she was living?

  5. I think they’re a nice-looking couple; Owen Benjamin must be quite a guy…and a lucky one too!

  6. I thought Benjamin was great in “The House Bunny” and look forward to “All’s Faire in Love.” I’ve seen him at the Improv Club and he’s very funny! And I like Christina Ricci too! So he’s tall andf like tiny women! No crime in that, is there? Why not leave them alone?

  7. All of you Owen haters just relax. He is from Oswego, New York and he is actually a friend of mine. He is a very funny guy and while he has his quirks, he is really amazing. He will be good for her. Just give him a chance and you won’t be upset. Growing up in Oswego he is just a small town guy who is very eager to make people happy. He’s cool…I’ve grown up with him. Just let them both be happy.

  8. I was an extra in “All’s Faire in Love”, and I seen this coming. They were holding hands and getting cozy off set. It was so cute! But, of the height difference, I thought “Oh, he MUST be into “Spinners”” lol.

  9. Let’s give them space? Why is it that if you are celebrated in Hollywood, everyone thinks that he or she has the right, even the obligation, to gossip, to take pictures, to say rude, crude things on the street to these two people. I know both of them and I think they make a great couple! Leave them alone???

  10. This guy is not funny. He is annoying and terribly narcissistic. Christina– run for it while you still can!

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