It has leaked out that Tom Cruise, 58, is probably dating his Mission Impossible 7 costar Hayley Atwell, 38. It was inevitable because Tom only dates actresses he has auditioned and hired for roles in his movies -case in point: two of his ex-wives, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. That’s how he meets women. We’re betting Hayley does not yet know how tall Tom is without shoes on. Is it a coincidence that Tom and Katie both recently went public with new romances for the first time since they divorced? We feel it’s our duty to warn Hayley that Scientology will inevitably rear its ugly head and probably destroy the relationship like it did for Nicole and Katie, who to this day, are afraid to SPEAK about it.

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  1. oh dear, they are not dating but nice desperate try… you fail once again…

  2. Look at the gigantic bags under Tom’s eyes! He’s not aging well – serves him right. Loved listening to the leaked audio of Tom cursing out the cast and crew on his current movie. He’s an out of control monster like his buddy, Davey Miscavige. They can both rot in hell.

  3. Hayley looks a little mannish – not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s interesting. She’s 38 – same age as Nicole when the marriage busted up and a few years older than Katie when she fled Tom and the cult. Shouldn’t Hayley know better since she’s not super young and pliable? Let’s hope she sees the light.

    PS I highly recommend Leah Remini’s Scientology series. The “church” is run by greedy, evil people and is a sham. They hold people hostage and abuse children. Horrible, wicked group. Love that the underbelly of COS is being shown to the world. Too bad David Miscavige.

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