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Can’t you just IMAGINE what Alex Rodriguez and and Ingrid Casares are discussing over lunch in Miami? Madonna’s not-so-secret admirer Alex is probably pumping Madonna’s close friend Ingrid for personal information about the object of his affection. Kind of like high school “Did she (M) say anything about me?” Certainly Ingrid is thrilled by Madonna’s split with Guy because she and Guy never hit it off and she rarely saw her old friend. Now she’ll be back in Madonna’s entourage.

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  1. well now that vadge she can have it both ways ….yuck
    btw her kids will all write mommy dearest books stay tuned.

  2. Poor kids their mom is a raging lunatic . Hope Guy gets the kids for theier emotional stability and a chance at a normal life.
    This is obviously not a healthy environmeent for those kids. And isn’t Arod bi-polar to boot.

  3. Are Madonna and Ingrid ‘involved’ more than anyone has suspected? Just asking.

  4. They used to be back in the 80s. Sandra Bernhard was very jealous at the time cause Madonna cooled her relationship with Sandra and she had a hard time with it.

  5. Guy had reasons why he didn’t like her lesbian friends for years.

  6. As a Miami celebrity and a Miami club promoter, Alex and Ingrid have known each other for year. They have more in common than Madonna.

  7. I don’t know about Madonna’s ears burning, but I’m pretty sure her pee pee burns.

  8. Why would this young dude want madonna old a@@? Just asking. I’m sure he gets play from all types of young woman. BTW Madge looks like a man

  9. Maybe that’s the attraction the fact that vadge looks like a man and arod is a freak cause he dumped a normal woman for her.

  10. Why would any man in his right mind want to date the dried up bag of bones that Vadge has become?
    She looks like she spent 25 years in a Gulag.
    This A-rod guy must be on psychoactive drugs

  11. @ 12:25 AM Anonymous:
    The answer (imho) is: Because once it’s made officially known that he is with Madonna and after he dumps her, then he will have even more hos wanting to go out with him. After all, this is the stud that had Madonna and they want a piece of him, too. 🙂

  12. I think Madge is filled with demonic spirits, and when she joined Kaballah she REALLY got possessed. She needs an exorcism.

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