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Just because Tom Cruise was a guest at Cameron Diaz’s 40th birthday party in London does NOT mean they are dating! The pair became friendly while filming “Knight and Day” in 2010, but Cameron is hardly a likely prospect for Tom’s next conquest. Granted, she IS very single and she IS taller than Tom, which he seems to prefer. But Cameron is too old for Tom – he needs a very young girl who is either a Scientologist or too young to realize what Scientology really IS. Cameron doesn’t need help with her career and she has plenty of money of her own. Friendship is all she wants from Tom. (Above is a photo of Tom and Cameron promoting “Knight and Day” which sparked a lot of speculation because Tom, 5’7,” appears to be suspiciously close in height to Cameron who’s 5’9,” and wearing heels.)

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  1. @MissEva – LOL!!!

    What Tom troll needs is a young, naive robot he can rewire, complete with a GPS monitoring system with full control of the remote 24-7-365. Anyone with any brains will run like hell from this brainwashed fool.

  2. Why does he have to quickly marry so soon..he has a healthy, perfectly good mother for Suri.. It’s not like he’s a goody-goody guy and saving himself for his 4th wedding night.

  3. I’m in the midst of reading the Vanity Fair story-wowee, bunch of nutcases. Cameron would never pass muster for miscage or whatever the creep’s name is.

  4. listen: a mature example of a beautiful woman like cameron is impossible to brainwash by scientology-tom.
    He needs a young starlet who kissis his butt and so will do anything for him.

    WORSHIP……..and so on!!

  5. Tom is a closet case. He is not interested in women that is why he joined Scientology as they claim they can ‘cure’ homosexuality and squash any info about their celebs private lives’.

  6. Cameron and Tom are so cute together. When you watch some of the off-script soccer playing and kick-boxing stints they have done together, you can see that they are great friends and have fun together. I’m kind of hoping these two will end up together.

  7. No chemistry between the two? Hmmmm, gosh, I can’t imagine why.

  8. LOL Miss Eva. First thing I thought when I saw this photo was that he must have worn his extra high lifts that night.

    Actually in Knight and Day (which frankly I enjoyed) they did have chemistry.

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