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Today actor Gary Sinise became a hero in our eyes. We learned about his fund-raising work for “Building Homes For Heroes.” Now here’s a cause that really MEANS something. They build customized “smart homes” for severely wounded veterans – particularly multiple amputees. They just handed the keys to a new house in Temecula to Afghanistan veteran Cpl. Juan Dominguez, a triple amputee. The organization aims to build a home for EVERY multiple amputee veteran so they can resume their lives. He comes from a military family and after Gary played a veteran who lost both legs in “Forrest Gump”, he got involved with veterans causes. This particular cause (they’ve completed almost 20 homes) is so genuine and heart-wrenching that we have to admire Gary and we urge you to think about contributing.

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  1. Gary Sinise is pure goodness. What he is doing for veterans and all the other charities he is involved with make you want to cry. I wish I could meet him and tell him how much he is appreciated. He is a Five-Star human with a big big heart. If he could be cloned, what a wonderful world this would be.

  2. @Christine India – Amen to that.
    We need more people like Gary, we can’t even imagine the horrors of war let alone the physical & mental wounds these vets have to live with. God bless him, America & the ones who served, still serve for peace & equality.

  3. He’s been a hero working for the veterans and all the soldiers for many, many years. He goes overseas to visit them every year and has for a long time. He’s a true patriot.

  4. Thanks for passing along janet! Great story! I am blessed to be in a position to donate and your post made me aware of this awesome organization. I will also make a point to see Gary sinise movies from now on. 🙂

  5. Finally a story about a celebrity who actually does some good. My heart goes out to all the veterans who went to war thinking they were doing the right thing. They were used and discarded by Bush/Cheney for greed and profit.

    The major corporations(Blackwater, Exxon etc) that made BILLIONS of dollars off of these patriots should all be jailed and THEY should be funding this and every other program to right the horrors and violence they have caused this planet for their own personal GREED.

  6. Gary is clearly an angel on earth. I have loved his work for many years, and it’s so wonderful to see what a loving and giving human being he is too. We need so many more unselfish men like Gary in this world. His wife and family are truly blessed to have him.

  7. I’ve known about Gary’s work with the military for many years and apparently so have others here. Isn’t it funny that a gossip columnist is just finding this out?

  8. @dragonfly: you’re right
    if you’re Gary’s fan,you know his dedication to this cause since very long time (OK Gary is low-key)but he even explained why:Gary is a patriot and he thinks the veterans’s bravery is not enought recognized

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