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One of our most memorable moments from The Golden Globes was certainly Natalie Portman’s insane laugh after she told that not-so-funny joke about her fiancee Benjamin Millepied. That weird TV moment was turned into an amusing video. Natalie’s unfortunate laugh has in no way affected her career negatively – this weekend her movie “No Strings Attached” was #1.

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  1. JC must be having an affair with Nat;s flak (female) too much Nat…too much of the time.

  2. I have to admit that WAS pretty funny! I love how they can cut things and edit them into completely different things. Jimmy Kimmel does this regularly with sound clips from Jersey Shore matched up to different cartoons like Charlie Brown, Scooby Doo, etc. They are always perfectly done and hilarious. Whoever is doing it should get a big raise!

  3. The Green Hornet was subsequently released this week too. It will be interesting to see if No Strings can hold onto #1 for another week.

  4. but you don’t know the scary things which happen inside……

  5. I feel totally embarrassed for Natalie. That’s downright creepy. I don’t think I can ever look at her in the same way. YIKES!!

  6. She was clearly feeling no pain. A little tipsy perhaps? I listened closely, and while there’s no doubt she laughed for a strangely long period of time, I’m pretty sure the recording has been doctored, closer to the end, to make her laugh seem even longer and more bizarre than it actually was.

  7. Of course the laugh was doctored in that clip. That’s what’s so funny about it. I happened to see the award show when it aired, and her “speech” made me very uncomfortable. She came across as uneducated (and I know she’s not) and as if she didn’t have a script in front of her, she didn’t have a clue what to say. She really should have just said “thank you” and got the heck off the stage. I thought she really embarassed herself and it made me think less of her because she didn’t know how to make a simple acceptance speech. P.S. I certainly hope she wasn’t tipsy since she’s pregnant.

  8. Loved her “Thank you for fucking me!” shout-out to her gold-digging boyfriend.

  9. A huge percentage of them should never speak in public, just stick to doing scripts

  10. overrated biatch, the hollywood jews totally bow down to the israeli born jews. its stupid. her and anne hathaway even though anne renounced judaism and is now a “practising catholic” both overrated anne has a fierce body but you gotta chop off that ugly head. the hair can stay…she has good hair.

  11. Something: Yes, it reminded me of Kirstie Alley Emmy acceptance speech years ago where she happily thanked “my Husband Parker for slipping me The Big One for all these years.”
    Gotta admit the girl did look happier back then,as well as much more fit. Maybe Parker Stevenson is some kind of super-secret calorie burner.

  12. Reta :)—You have a good memory; I recall that Kirstie looked a lot more “satisfied,” back then, too.

    Unfortunately, not long after that famous quip, Parker (who hasn’t/hadn’t worked in years) took a shed-load of her money in a nasty divorce.

    Kirstie—to her credit—has been pretty tight-lipped about that; maybe she didn’t want to make ugly with the adopted-father of her children.

    (Or perhaps she decided to avoid the blowback Roseanne got when Tom Arnold took her to the cleaners and Rosie hinted that he had a micro-dick—to get back at him. Arnold’s response: “Even a 747 looks small in the Grand Canyon.” LOL)

  13. Something: hahahahahahaha! I do remember hearing Tom Arnold saying that! Perfect!

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