It’s common knowledge that Kim Kardashian is moving to New York to be closer to her 6’9” east coast boyfriend, NJ Nets basketball player Kris Humphries. They’ve only been dating a matter of months, but Kim feel he’s “the one” and she loves that his name begins with a K. The problem remains that Kris is media-phobic – he hates photographers and reporters. Kim is depending on her mother Kris Jenner to convince him to tolerate the media that follows Kim everywhere. (They’d love to have him on a Kardashian show.) Last night she was courtside when the Nets lost to Dallas but Kim enjoyed meeting Snooki. Kim tweeted a baby photo of Humphries saying “This is what I want my son to look like!” Will Humphries take the hint or run for his life?


  1. One of the few white men who has parted her large thighs, Kris better run away quickly while he has some amount of class left

  2. Kim K. may have business sense, but not an oz.
    of common sense when it comes to men. She make
    herself too available,too soon, and when she gets serious and the guy doesn’t, the romance
    is over in a heartbeat. By now it seems that she would wait to see how the guy really feel about her before setting up housekeeping with him. There are not too many men who want their relationship with her to be part of the daily news.

  3. Kim, more than any of the other K’s, is living in some kind of fantasy world. When will she realize no man wants a tough worldly broad like her, not for keeps anyway. And furthermore, I’m getting sick of seeing her pose in that phony come-hither look with her head slightly down and her fat bottom lip in a pout.

  4. Who knows what the guy is thinking or feeling. What I notice is thru the eye area they resemble each other. They could be brother and sister.

    Snooki looks like a shorter, wider K-Dash here, doesn’t she? Only I’m just sooo much more sick of seeing her pop up all over the place, being known for getting puking pissing drunk and nothing more.

  5. The photo should be called when implants and extensions collide. As for Kim K., men usually run from desperate women, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Oh, and Janet, check for typos please. The Nets, not the Jets, are the basketball team. Although the Steelers are currently kicking the Jets’s butts right now. As a Patriots fan, I’m smiling.

  6. Kim and Snookie are about the same height–no wonder they get along so well.

  7. According to Kris’ Wikipedia entry, he and Kim have been dating less than a month (a/o 12/28/10), not for several months, and she’s already on the move and talking babies? He seems like a genuine and decent guy. If he isn’t scared, I’m scared for him.

  8. Kardashians? The O.J. horrorshow births celebs? W.T.F. I never could get my head around that. It’s to life is stranger than fiction.
    Snooki should actually be referred to as “that slutty, orange, little rectangle.”
    I apologize to all the rectangles out there.
    Not naming names…don’t want to incur “anybodies” wrath.

  9. The New York Jets are the NY football team.
    The New York basketball team are called the New York Knicks.
    However, Humphries plays for the New Jersey Nets.

  10. Btw he is biracial not just white and his two sisters names start with a K also. His mom is black, so he fits Kim ks requirements for black blood.

  11. The relationship is doomed. How can you talk about your unborn child looking like a man you’ve dated for one month? If that isn’t desperate, I don’t know what is, and desperation (whether it be the boyfriend or the girlfriend) is hugely unattractive.

  12. My sex tape is coming out next month!!! Will I make $6 million a year like trash k?

  13. The guy looks too wholesome and innocent for any kartrashian.

  14. She has said many times that being close to her sister’s baby makes her want one of her own, plus she always thought she’d have one before she hit 30 (now). She’s just feeling the tick-tick.

    As for “love” happening too soon: one of my best friends parents met and married in 10 days during WW2 and were married 56 years until the husband died. They were tenderly in love all those years and all their kids have long, loving marraiges. It’s what’s inside that counts. Some people date for 10 days, some people date for 10 years and still fall apart. There IS NO magic formula. Whatever works, works.

  15. Patrick: I totally get you on the “Snookie” thing. Rectangle describes her to a “T”!

    PS: Don’t you have spellcheck on your computer?

  16. It takes two people to go in a direction and that is wonderful for the two of them to have this feelings in wanting to share each others life and it is the pace of two people coming together and going the direction that is great for the two of them and as long as they are happy and cheerful and on top of the world is the only thing that matters?

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