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Rapper Nicki Minaj knows how to cause a scene and she created such mayhem in London that she got thrown out of her hotel. She was staying at The Dorchester and running in and out in different outrageous outfits and wigs several times a day, so paparazzi multiplied and a large number of fans gathered. The mob got louder and more rambunctious every time she came or went. Eventually the crowd got out of control outside the hotel and spilled into the lobby. Hotel guests complained and she was asked to leave. Hopefully she found a place with more security.


  1. She’s got the wonkey eye like Paris Hilton I see. This chick seemed to just suddenly appear on the scene recently like an already full-bloomed rose. However if you get a good look at her ass, it’s about a 2.5 on the Kim K. scale. Her legs aren’t much to look at either, mostly shapeless, so that leaves her “hair” which is, of course, fake fake fake. Doesn’t ANYONE have real hair anymore??? The above wig does look fun tho, and compared to the others I’ve seen her in, the best so far. As for “singing” I’ll take a permanent pass on this chick. A bland clone, no matter how you doll it up, is still a bland clone. Where are the people who can actually SING and look like real PEOPLE???? THOSE I’d pay good money to go listen to.

  2. This is the picture of success, style, and hipness to the black race.

  3. Yeah, Reta, which eye does a person look at when talking to her?

  4. She’s actually been around for a little bit. I don’t like her voice, but female rappers seem to be few and far between so any new one gets a lot of publicity. Running in and out of her hotel in costumes and wigs to get publicity got her exactly what she deserved: eviction. Oh, and she does have one of the biggest asses I have ever seen, although from the front, she is clearly not a heavy girl.

  5. And the spade behind her is also an example of “dress for success” for the males of the race and probably just finished a 3 some with N and another “girl”

  6. The word ‘strom’ must be another language for ‘racist prick’.

  7. NO “strom” we’re just all sick to death of your endless racism and over the top nasty 1950-ish comments. You obviously have no control over your racism but if you would try to remember that the other people who read here are offended and don’t want to read that shit. You don’t have to like individual people but to go out of your way to be nasty over RACE alone is just wrong and you know it. It’s time for you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  8. Bettye: wouldn’t it be something to have this double0visioned chick and Paris Hilton have a stare-down contest?! I’ll bet both of their heads would explode over trying to figure out which eye to focus on hahahahahaha!

  9. By strom
    “Some posters think this site is about them!”


  10. Casonia logenberry..Hells kitchen cooks should run back and star reading those cook books again and gather a better understanding of what goes with what and this people have all day to read this cook book but are not doing it and no wonder they are still says:

    She is weird and strange and it has been hard to get into her groove and move the way she moves and roll with her punches but slowly but surely getting used to her and it is slow but it is on its way for a Go and take care and good luck with the future and you always have color hair and..I See it gives you joy and positive feelings come along with that as well…But you remind me of Lady Ga Ga but your Black and matter of fact you might as well be known as the Black Lady Ga Ga?

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