We walked into No Strings Attached with low expectations. Romantic comedies of late have been universally disappointing and repetitious. And Ashton Kutcher’s presence is always a gamble. It’s a difficult science. We hoped that if Natalie Portman agreed to do it, it must be tolerable. And indeed, the script was amusing and occasionally surprising, and there were some memorable scenes – Natalie ‘s character was studying to be a doctor and her roommates were delightful, as were all the fine supporting actors. In summation, the entertaining scenes outnumbered the predictable scenes and it was fun to watch. So give it a chance, you might like it – in spite of Ashton Kutcher.

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  1. a new comedy?

  2. I surely won’t be seein’ this one. Can’t stand Kutcher. I can’t wait until this sneaky snake get’s what he deserves!! He is playing everyone for fools, especially his old wife. I totally believe that young girl that claimed she tailed him. Maybe Demi allowed him to get away with because she is in major denial. Their business I suppose, but I just can’t stand his cheeky-ness about the whole thing. He is so smug and believes he got away with it. Time will tell I guess….Another tramp just may come out of the woodwork.

  3. Seen Ashton and Demi on the red carpet? She looked miserable–not even able to pull off the actress fake smile. It will soon be splitsville for those two.

  4. I can’t watch this guy in anything but That 70’s show. Everything else makes me throw up in my mouth. I think it is all the crap he spews when he is not in a movie that has turned me so over and off of him.

  5. His whole face screams major douche bag & asshole. He really extended his 15minutes.

  6. Natalie Herhslag donates 2 cobra attack helicopters to Israel for every movie she stars in. Lookout Palestine!

  7. Oh, a movie with 2 top Kabbalists? Cant wait… not to see it, thanks.

  8. Natalie is a man hungry slut, and the proof is when she was caught with Sean Penn. ugh.

    Ashton is a pompous weenie with the brains of a mud pie. Why would Demi want to hang on to this loser. Better yet, why did she ever marry him. Oh, the oddities of GollyWeird are never ending.

  9. I cannot believe True Grit was not nominated for anything at the Globes. I took my girls to see it on New Years eve and it being their first grown up movie I was quite moved watching their reactions to the intense scenes. Was it because Bridges won last year or because it was a remake? I call bullshit on the foreign press.

  10. Patrick, lots of people call bullshit on the foreign press. How you can explain nominations for The Tourist and Burlesque? I thought True Grit was great as well. I for one can’t get enough of Jeff Bridges.

  11. Never seen True Grit, sure it is good great actors all the way around. the By the way seen both The Tourist & Burlesque. Burlesque was cute! The Tourist was better than I thought it would be. It was actually quite funny, that is why it was nominated for comedy category at GG. It is also a treat to watch both JD & AJ together. They are both really very good actors.

    The best movie I have seen this year or should I say for a long time is The Fighter. It was spectacularly acted by all. Christian Bale is AMAZING!! If he does not win the Oscar, I will so be disapointed. Awesome movie. If it was not for the great acting this movie would have been just another made for TV movie.

  12. It’s pretty difficult for me to watch Ashton’s face saying anything without expecting him to bust into a snarky giggle any second and start shaking his shoulders up and down like pistons he cracks himself up so much. Waiting for the guy to run out with the camera people as he waves his arms like he’s got sock puppets on each hand, shouting ‘YOU’VE BEEN PUNKED!!!”

    Yeah, no…

  13. WOW @ these responses—LOL.

    If the JCH focus group is any indication, Ashton should quit acting and go back to spending his desperate housewife’s money full-time.

    pippa: talk about “goin’ there!”—Thanks for putting things in perspective; unfortunately, Herslag’s foregone oscar means she’s about to become even more annoying and over-exposed. 🙁

    (And Janet, this promo/review proves you are indeed “420 Friendly”—who knew! :))

  14. Ashton Kutcher is a Himbo, thats why Demi Moore married him. I doubt that they relate on any intellectual level. If they do, she is dumber than I thought. He is a perennial juvenile, and has the acting abilities of a squash. This marriage is a ticking clock, rapidly approaching Midnight.
    BTW….WHERE IS SEBASTIAN CANADA? I always enjoyed his comments.

  15. Mary-Claire: Patrick claims to know all and says that SC was “spanked” by Janet and supposedly that means he was either banned or he was whupped and left in humiliation…or so Patrick would have us believe. He claimed to know this and also threatened me with the same reckoning fairly soon altho I’ve been waiting to hear from Janet and I can truly say I’ve heard nary a word, let alone been “spanked.” Promises promises.

    But the regulars here all seem to miss him…he is a pretty entertaining guy. Always liked a good brain.

  16. Reta, I always enjoyed SC’s and your comments.Both sharp as tacks…I always brighten when I see your names on a post. I love to see Strom’s posts too….. but for an entirely different reason. He makes me feel good about MYSELF.”There, but for the grace of God”…….Come on back,Sebastian Canada!

  17. Mary-Claire: We, well, I’d guess MOST of us (Patrick excluded) here regularly enjoyed SC’s wit, and his points were usually dead on (at least to me as I seemed to find myself agreeing frequently). I hope he’s okay. I stopped visiting here twice before and then came back because I like the visitors that AREN’T racist pricks and rabidly see “Fa***Ts” under every rock.
    What I’ve NEVER understood is why Janet lets people like that have a voice to offend over and over. I’m bout ready to check out for the 3rd and final time myself.

  18. it’s not a pleasant surprise: you will like the movie if you like the romcoms with Anniston or heighl and portman is cute

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