Yes that was QUITE a year! Jesse James was caught cheating in a massive way on his respectable and generous wife Sandra Bullock. We were all so happy, but a tad concerned, when Sandra chose to marry an “ordinary guy” – Jesse James built a successful business out of customizing motorcycles. The Princess chose to marry a commoner. His grammar wasn’t perfect, and he had a lot of tattoos, but she believed in him. So we did too. He turned out to be a despicable arrogant cad. Sandra was the best thing that ever happened to Jesse’s kids. Did he care what happened to THEM? Apparently Jesse’s new fiance Kat Von D is foolish enough to think she can change this lout.

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  1. Janet you forgot to add that Jesse didn’t give a f**k about the impact on his children either.

    And that ho – she is hideous with all that s**t over her skin and especially her face – that’s gross. Whomever does that to their faces must be retarded. Can’t imagine how hard she will look in 5, 10 , 20, 30+ years!!!

    That previous tattoed up skank that outed him did Sandy the biggest favour of her life – just that the timing was s**t, but obvious done on purpose. Jesse and his skanks are just the cesspool of society.

  2. Pippa I don’t think Janet sounds bitter, probably just disgusted – although the Princess/commoner analogy is a bit fairy tale-ish for my liking, but it’s Janets blog so she should write whatever she likes.

    In any event, cheating on spouses happens everyday, everywhere.

    Like some have a gaydar, unfortunately I have a radar for males that cheat.

  3. Don’t get that shit at all. The guy is a goof.
    The pentagram on her middle finger is telling.

  4. Janet u are so reaching calling SB, a princess. Really?!?!
    JJ a cad? I would rather have a cad than a fag for a husband.

  5. Whats so great about Sandra?? She got involved with a married man whom he had a wife that was 8 months pregnant… so yeah, she does seem to be a “princess”, a dumb princess with money… and oh looky here so she gets involved with another married man, Ryan Reynolds.

    A home wrecker should be on her resume.

  6. Don’t hate Kat she is obviously awfully dumb or very naive. Either way don’t hold it against her. Lack of brains is not a crime. Destroying woman’s lives deliberately, definitely should be.

    I agree with the above comments, Janet you are coming off a bit “snobbish” . “Commoner” Really? Sandra Bullock is probably a very nice lady, but she is no different than any of us, except she has a shit load of cash!!

    Personally I don’t think JJ could handle the thought of raising an African American child. Bad for his skin head image.

  7. Jesse James had no business marrying Sandra when she clearly wasn’t his type to begin with. She is a beautiful person with a big heart for children and his kids adore her. James is attracted to trashy looking, trampy looking biker women. He even cheated on Sandra with these type of women. I bet he is in his glory now. Sadly, He doesn’t seem to put his kids first. I can’t help but wonder what his little girl things of her. Hope Kat is good to the children.

  8. I fell hard for Sandra before she finished delivering her first line in Speed and that hasn’t changed. I’m barely familiar with Kat, but massive amounts of tattoos make me crazy so she’s not off to a great start. Jesse can KMA.

  9. the past is past the future is really up to debate… if there will be one….life as we know it can change in a split second on a beautiful bright blue cloudless day and then never be the same…..

    i wish them all the good luck and love in the world….how they look is of no consequence to me… there are too many clean skinned folks that would have never thought of getting one tattoo that have done worse and treated a lot of people worse than these 2 ever could…. and not in the name of so called sex and love people can and DO EVOLVE and CHANGE….. perhaps this is what is happening here. Love one another and PEACE to everyone.

  10. Walt cliff ..what are you talking about biker ladys for .kat not even a biker .. .I bet you like the trashy looking biker dudes

  11. JJ is trash but Bullock never struck me as the princess type. She’s more the cute “girl next door” type albeit cuter than most girls with a great career.

    and I also did not understand what she was doing with this guy. I was amazed their relationship existed and was further amazed when it all fell apart so dramatically.

    Dude has baggage, his ex before SB is the porn star Janine Lindemueller, he has a child with the porn star.

    I could not date let alone marry a person who’s ex worked in the sex industry, I’d be terrified of being exposed to every STD known and unknown to mankind!

    ps. this couple (kat von d and jesse james) is extremely unattractive.

  12. These two deserve each other. His children deserve neither one.

  13. @ Dog
    In response to your comment, I had no idea that I touched such a sensitive nerve in you.

    I don’t have any personal love for the dudes or biker dudes. However, Something tells me you might hold one in your mouth until the swelling went down. : ) lol

  14. pit bull lover: I agree with you completely. You are dead on on all points. There is too much hate and judgemental nonsense in the world already. We need to live and let live and let other people work out their own issues for themselves. Obviously if JJ was completely happy with Sandra he wouldn’t have cheated and they’d still be together.
    I thought Nikki Sixx was way too old for Kat and JJ seems much better suited for her personality. Like you said…PEACE!!

  15. If 2010 was JJ’s best year, the dude has no memory, no remorse, no guilt, no nothing, except thinking what’s in his pants. Low down, stupid, thoughtless, brainless jerk.

  16. Reta, if Jesse was unhappy or dissatisfied with their relationship, he should have been honest and told Sandra so. He not only cheated, he misled, used, and made a fool out of her for loving him. He was even ready to take it a step further, involving the baby Sandra ended up adopting herself in his scam, using him too. I’m totally with you on the anti hate and judgmental issues, but respect is another matter altogether. It can only be earned and Jesse is clearly bankrupt.

  17. what an insensitive tool. does he even realize that his actions turned what should have been sandra’s best year of her life into one of her worst? i used to like him. i have zero respect for him and the girl who is sure to follow in sandra’s footsteps.

  18. Of course there’s not enough words to describe the cheating clod JJ. But remember Sandra’s past has not exactly been pure and lily white. She’s lived with/dated a string of men, and now one wonders if the affair with Ryan Reynolds is real, since she is 12 years older. I read that ScarJo is mad as hell about it, because she was not sure she wanted a divorce. Oh, gee, doesn’t this sound so gossipy?

  19. Indy, if Scarlet Johanssen didn’t want a divorce, she shouldn’t have kicked such a luscious piece of man to the curb. Too bad for her.

  20. Denise: Yep, U R right. Seems that Ms. Scarlett jumped the gun and thought she wanted out, citing that they were apart too much. Now that he is about to be free, word is she is having second thoughts. Where is she gonna get another man; the few left in GollyWeird have several girlfriends already, or else they are queer or dope/booze heads.

  21. Rick, I agree completely. In my opinion, if you’re in a relationship of any kind and it isn’t working, you do whatever you can to fix it before splitting for good. And THEN move on with your life and date. It’s impossible to get any rational outcome while being sneaky, two-timing, and backing one lie up with another. it’s all bound to come tumbling down sooner rather than later. I don’t know why people bother to put so much energy into cheating when it’s so much easier to just say “I’m not happy” and separate or file for divorce. Only the person IN that relationship can evaluate it and make that decision, but they definitely SHOULD before going forward with another person. I’ve never been able to understand the dynamics of cheating when it has such dramatic repercussions that are all avoidable. These people that cheat must just crave drama and pain is all I can figure.

  22. I could never understand what Sandra saw in this loser. Even if he were good in bed – there are thousands of guys good in bed. Jesse’s new girlfriend fits him to a t —- they each cover up their bodies to hide the fact that they’re totally insecure & pathetic. I hope Jessie’s kids aren’t afraid of their new step-mother, especially after she washes her face, takes off her wig & all the other phony things attached to her.

  23. Sandy: you know there are thousands of people in the world today that choose tattoos as a way of personal expression and cherished body art. Some have tats of their lost family members in remembrance, or a baby’s face or date of birth, you name it, if it has been thought of there has been someone tattooed with it.

    Both of my sons have several very beautifully well done artful and unique tats some that they have even designed themselves. Would I prefer it if they didn’t? Yes. But, they do, and it doesn’t harm anyone that they wear body art. Both of them love the expressiveness of it.
    I myself see it similar to wearing the same pair of eyeglass frames the rest of my life, I’d just be so bored looking at them. But to the people who get them, it is something deeper and some having very meaningful purposes. If it makes someone feel good to do that, what’s the harm? You’ll have a reason to tell a total stranger about your loved one maybe and that’s not so bad.
    Tattoos don’t necessarily mean the person is “insecure and pathetic” in fact I would say it’s a sign of just the opposite. Most people that I’ve known who have them seem to be very secure and know exactly who they are and are not fake but forthright. That doesn’t mean they can’t be capable of cheating on their mate…that is a HUMAN failing.

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