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It’s not often that you see a photo of Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Sam Ronson SMILING, like this shot taken yesterday. Usually they have tortured and morose looks on their faces. Could it be they are euphoric over the news that gay marriage is now legal in California?

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  1. I believe Samantha will soon pop the question…or will Lindsay?

  2. They are cute together. People need to stop picking on them.
    Lindsay always looks happy with Samantha around.

  3. Janet, she prefers to be called Samantha. Thanks

  4. Lindsay Lohan isn’t gay, as much as the lesbian and gay quarter want to believe it.

  5. Janet, ridiculous speculation like that just makes you sound like Perez. Rise above! I visit your column to avoid that man and his diary-of-a-lonely-12-year-old rambling.

  6. Lindsay doesn’t have to be gay to be doing Samantha.
    Don’t beard up, Lindsay.

  7. 5:46 How do you know Lindsay isn’t gay? Do share. Or are you just speculating?

  8. 6:02 must be Dina. She hates Perez. Of course gay rumors are ridiculous just like the cocaine rumors were ridiculous. Party on Dina

  9. Lindsay and Samantha are smiling in this picture because Samanta Ronson has just delivered another 15 grams of Cocaine, 300 Vicodin pills and 400 Valium tablets into Lindsay’s purse. Everyone in L.A. knows that Samantha Ronson is the ‘go to’ girl for the cheapest and best drugs.

  10. Mama Dina is grooming her 14-year old kid, Ali, and she doesn’t care what she has to do to put her name in lights. Would she let her hang out with these 2 brain-dead druggies for fame and fortune? Stay tuned. And big purses do hold lots and lots of ‘stuff’. These 2 should be in jail for dealing and using.

  11. saMANtha is NOT cute at all,,,,,,Couln’t Lindsey get any better. At least Ellen DeGeneres got a hot looking girlfriend…soon to ne wifey.

  12. From bad to worse in a Split Second.

  13. It’s pretty obvious that they are lovers. People who insist they’re not are in denial. Why are some people so defensive about Lindsay’s sexuality? It is what it is.

  14. If you look at photos of Samantha from a few years back, she was very attractive and had a fresh look. Sadly, these days she looks like the all too familiar meth-face addict.
    Lindsey looks much thinner in this photo. She looked a a little bigger even last week. What gives?

  15. Lindsay buys Samantha’s shirts in the boys’ clothes section. It’s the first of her wedding presents to her/him. A sure way to stay slim is of course, drugs. And that is her/his present to Linds.

  16. Do you think that Lindsay is just playing the paps along? She’s not really gay and she’s loving the media speculation because it brings her more publiciity?
    All this Lindsay/Sam talk is just “pretend.”

  17. Samantha and Lindsay are so freakin’ cute together, especially when they smile.

  18. lindsay would drain Sam’s bank account and move on. Lindsay is living off Sam.

  19. So you two please get married and live unhappily ever after….please.

  20. P.S.: And don’t forget to bring a large stash of various and sundry drugs for a hopefully last big Blow-out on your horney-spoon.

  21. Man some of you posting here are so negative. Leave the girl alone. You don’t have proof that she’s back on the sauce.
    She seems happy and staying out of trouble. Give the girl a break.

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