Woody Allen was hugely disappointed when his muse Scarlett Johansson failed to show up for the sensational premier of his new movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” at the Cannes film festival. Scarlett’s costars Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall DID show up for the event and they were thrilled when the movie got a ten minute standing ovation. Scarlett’s reps had made some unfortunate demands that Warner Bros wouldn’t agree to. On top of all the other first class arrangements, Scarlett wanted to bring a ten thousand dollar a DAY personal makeup artist, and she didn’t want to stay in the convenient Cannes hotel with the rest of the cast. She wanted a private hotel thirty miles away that would have jeopardized their tight schedule. She did promise to make it up to Woody by promoting the movie in the US.

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  1. Some of those stars ask for WAY too much. It’s ridiculous!
    Also, I don’t like the way Woody Allen’s hand is resting on Penelope’s stomach. It looks inappropriate.

  2. scar was tired of being groped by the old perv, named “woody”

  3. Don’t exactly know why, but I just don’t like Scarlett, and it is not jealousy. As for Penelope, she has been the groper and the gropee for so long, she doesn’t notice the old man’s hand.

  4. .
    Hopefully she was too busy taking singing lessons!

  5. That was the smartest thing scarllet ever done.
    who keeps giving this disgusting pervert money to make movies?

  6. Janet did you lift this story from Perez? It’s almost exactly the same as his post.

  7. I only see BIG tits but a pretty “EMPTY” head!!
    that’s all FOLKS!!

  8. WTF! Woody looks like the grim reaper, no, actually woody looks worse.

  9. I can’t believe this story is true because if it is…it show’s an arrogance in attitude from Ms Johannsson. Who (if you think about it) is not that big a star.
    BTW – i can’t believe that any make up artist earns $10,000 a day!!!! What!!!

  10. So many opportunities and hype around a woman with the least talent in the business….btw woody movies suck and still a perv.

  11. Pene has consoled every actor director in the industry and still a terrible actress.

  12. Me thinks she didn’t want to go and concocted a plan to make it possible. If they agreed to SJ terms, they were terms she could live with. Which was being as far away as possible from WA. You know how he gets with his muses. Ala Alfred Hitchcock.
    Come on people this guy is sleezy, gross and scary.

  13. Why would a beautiful woman need a ten thousand dollar a day make up artist? And exactly what does a make up artist do to get that kind of money? Turn a ugly duckling into a swan

  14. These 2 gals both look skanky, because they are skanky. And as for the pervert Woody, no words can really describe him that have not already been said above.

  15. Yes Woody is a crypt-keeping perv and Scar Jo is … an undercover lesbian.

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