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Here’s Kate Hudson with Lance Armstrong, and the more we look at him, the more we can’t imagine him being her type. He’s attractive – in that yuppie businessman kind of way. Not an ounce of hipness. Kate has always hung out with rockers, slackers, beach boy and bad boy types. Maybe Kate is maturing. Still, we think they make an odd couple.

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  1. Is there ANYONE left in Hollywood this girl hasn’t fucked?

  2. I dont like this coupling at all. Lance doesnt seem like Kates type at all. But hey who are we to say..hope shes happy BUT i dont see this lasting at all.

  3. Lance seems so boring to me. Just Looking at him makes me yawn.

  4. These two together make a Perfect Storm of whoredom. I’m pretty sure she smells like stale pot and sweat.

  5. You mean she looks more like a moronic roller skating waitress than a proper date for Trophy winning Armstrong.

  6. Who will dump who when the newness wears off…(or)…when a more interesting piece of flesh walks by? Methinks she will dump him, because just to look at him spells D.U.L.L.
    And just to look at her spells spells W.H.O.R.E.

  7. Lance sure isn’t shaping up to be the admirable sports hero some thought he was.
    Prediction: He’ll seek the Senate and perhaps, eventually, the Presidency (from Texas, of course — and as Republican, no less).

  8. Is all of Kate’s “activity” merely research for the title role in a biopic of “Pussy Galore,” or something?
    ‘Cause that would explain a lot.

  9. Kate maturing? Come on, Janet! Lance Armstrong dumped his wife and has screwed everything in sight. A suit does not, contrary to popular saying, make the man. I think they’re a good match. Both feckless.

  10. Lance must have big……..”feet” to get all these great women!

  11. I don’t get the hoopla about this guy he got away with doping his way through the Tour De France and he just looks like he would be lame in the sack so milquetoast.

  12. Um, Kate?
    Maybe it’s time you gave your overextended coochie a much needed rest.
    You know, let it cool off for a bit?

  13. Armstrong is a bigger fraud than GW Bush. He doped his way through the Tour, it was proven. The man is a cheater. What is it about Texas that produces freaks and frauds like Bush, Armstrong, Hillary Duff, Dr. Phil and Jessica Simpson? Is it the Football, Church and Cheerleader mindset?

  14. Enough is Enough. Kate really should stop behaving as if she has a convention center between her legs.
    Think of the poor example she’s setting for her young, impressionable daughter!

  15. To Anon. 3:02: I agree with you, though her kid is a boy. You’d never know to look at him. How messed up will he be when he grows up, after a parade of “uncles” walks in and out of his life?
    As for Lance, the guy never found a situation he couldn’t cheat his way out of. He doped up to win the Tour de France repeatedly, he cheated on his wife, he cheated on Sheryl Crow, and he’ll cheat on Kate Hudson. Can’t stand him or his phony “All-American Hero” image.

  16. 9:38 PM: So funny. ROTFLMAO.
    5:59 AM: “he’ll cheat on Kate Hudson”. Yeah, unless she cheats on him first. Methinks if she found him cheating, she would care less; she’d just move on to the next piece.

  17. Am from Texas and I think this jerk Armstrong is a opportunist, once he got famous, he dumped his wife & he started dating famous women, I would like to know does he have a job? How does he make his money? Does he live off these famous women? I think he’s a real a$$shole, plus I never was a fan of slutty Kate, never have, never will, she’s pure trash.
    Both were made for each other, a pair of dimwitted people.

  18. “Armstrong is a fraud . He doped his way through the Tour, it was proven”
    That is A LIE
    Amazing what losers will post.

  19. Love Goldie Hawn, but there has just always been something about Kate that I don’t like. And Lance, he’s the FUGLIEST man I have seen in years. What a piece of garbage, the way he treated his wife and kids. Sheryl Crow had a lucky escape, seems to me.

  20. Are u stupid? where does he get his money. Believe it or not he made loads of cash and still does. bicycling and endorsements. Have u been living under a rock?. hes not a junkie so didnt blow through that much money. that being said..Kate can do much better than this dullard.

  21. To Callisto,
    U is spelled You, apparently YOU are the stupid one for not spelling correctly.
    Have a Blessed Day!

  22. I never heard that he had cheated his way through the tours they would have taken his titles away if it had been proven, sounds like sour grapes from another country.

  23. Kate has been ridden by more guys than a rented Schwinn.

  24. I’ve never liked Lance, ever since he went bike-riding with George W. Bush during some anti-war protests.

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