Newsflash! We’ve got an update on the Madonna book written by her brother Christopher. We’re hearing that the book doesn’t really say awful things about Madonna – we already KNOW most of the awful things about her. But Christopher DOES have some startling revelations about Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie! Christopher and his brother-in-law Guy never got along, and Chris will tell us WHY. Needless to say, Madonna doesn’t want her husband’s rep – what’s left of it- further diminished.

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  1. So he doesn’t like gays. Big whoopee. I don’t like those people either. Chris is mad that Guy cut off his money supply so he couldn’t buy more drugs. That’s the underlying reason for the book.

  2. I still say Madonna is behind the book. Her one and only true love is herself. Her life would be meaningless if it didn’t read like a Jackie Collins novel. This woman is dramatic!

  3. It will end up in the $1.00 barrell at Fred’s super store or 98 cent store.
    Beside the point: Rocco looks exactly like pappy Guy; carbon copy.

  4. to the first post…”those people”? Go climb back under your rock. I hope your tubes are tied and not breeding because a mind is a terrible thing to waste and you’ve obviously wasted your brain..on drugs maybe?
    We know you feel this way because deep down you fantasize about it. It’s ok, admit it you’ll be glad you did.

  5. Vadge is corrupt through and through. Just look into her eyes, which are the windows of the soul. Speaking of soul, she has none. She has engaged in all the activities that please satan. What more can you say. And that is my opinion, and I am unanimous in that. I don’t give a rat’s ass about any damn book either for or against her.

  6. very funny and true “lifes Choices”
    I am surpirsed the Kabaallah center doesn’t burst into flames when madge enters looking for holy guidance.

  7. This woman is in part responsible for the degradation of our culture and through out the world, I feel sorry for her.

  8. Hope her daughter chooses a different path in life.

  9. this woman is a hero and a trailblazer. wht have you done? stop fearing sex and sexuality and get a life.

  10. She is a trailblazer all right. e.g.: wrote the porn book “Sex” in the 90’s, posed in Playboy, wrote songs with dirty lyrics, filthy videos, dallied in lesbianism, french-kissed Britney, had many affairs, and now in Kabbalah, a false cult. Sounds like the hero type our youth of today should look up to. Oh yeah, baby.

  11. If Madonna divorces this idiot, named Guy; I say good for her. And, if Christopher is witing the truth of this Guy hating gays, then screw MADONNA’S FORMER HUSBAND. I don’t give a crap about him either.

  12. word is madonna uses a strap-on and gives it to guy.

  13. Madonna has always been a worthless fame whore. She and Guy married for all the wrong reasons. He’s just a normal, decent guy who got in over his head. Now they’re stuck.

  14. Guy hates gays. It’s a known fact. What I find laughable is that Madonna, who has always surrounded herself with gay men and dabbled in lesbian affairs, married him.

  15. O.K. now, maybe the book don’t say awful things about madonna.

  16. He looks the personification of “bloke” in this picture.

  17. 8:04 PM Anon:
    I’m not sure I believe that Guy likes to be on the receiving end of sex toys, but I’m convinced Madonna would like the world to think so.
    She did give him a “supersized” strap-on for his birthday and he was photo’ed carrying it out of the restaurant where they held the party.
    Gag gift? Hard to say. But his career has taken such a nosedive since his marriage to her, and since she so clearly “wears the pants” in the relationship, that it’s not surprising if Guy finally wants to get the f*ck out.
    If Christopher divulges any damaging insider tidbits about the marriage, that could be the final straw in Guy and Madonna’s shaky relationship.

  18. Janet, do you and Ciccone have some type of deal to promote this filthy book? People are not interested in this washed up 80’s singer so give it a rest.

  19. I love Guy! Madonna was lucky to get him.
    Her brother is just another druggie user…

  20. i met that brother a few times here in los angeles,,,arrogant,rude and a total coke head.

  21. Madonna is beginning to resemble Madame, the Wayland Flowers puppet. Google it and see.

  22. Gays are taking over the world. They must be stopped. I agree with Poster #1. “Those people” are no better than the lepers of yesteryears. Team Guy!

  23. hollywood now discriminates against heteros , conservatives and gasp people of faith.

  24. Faggots/lesbians will not live in eternity in heaven; they will live in hell for eternity. God says: “What part of this statement do you not understand?” The only way to live in heaven is to repent and call on the name of the Lord Jesus to be saved. Period, end of story.

  25. Pandora: I just love it when folks like you share your fairy tales with the rest of us.

  26. Sounds like “Pandora” hasn’t had her box opened in a looooong time.
    Poor deluded thing.

  27. Janet,
    Apparently you have a lot of readers that could be described as:
    Christians (believers)
    Gays and lesbos
    What to do?

  28. ^^^
    I would imagine, “sit back and enjoy the fireworks.”

  29. i didint thik this was a forum for spewing venomous tripe

  30. Anonymous 8:16, you’re right! I knew she was looking weird and waxen but you totally nailed it! If only we could get her to see how ludicrous she is. I’m all for taking this poseur down a notch.

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