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Ever since we heard that one of the Wachowski brothers (they did the Matrix trilogy) was having gender reassignment, we’ve been curious to see the newly minted person. Andy Wachowski’s younger brother Larry is now Lana Wachowski and the brothers, along with German director Tom Tykwer, wrote and directed “Cloud Atlas.” The above photo features Andy on the left, Lana in the middle and Tykwer on the right. And Lana looks like a real hipster girl! Lana is the happiest she’s ever been in her life and she looks great. Good for her.

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  1. Is it just me? Or does anyone else think Strom is a latent homosexual?

  2. Lana looks cute although I’m not crazy about the fuschia hair.

    Love Andy’s tough look with the open toed sandals.

    No Patrick, you’re not alone.

  3. Patrick, unfortunately has little to show for his 10-yr. JC tenure except increasing attacks on other posters. He is very incorrect on his analysis. Better go back to Oprah and baking class.

    right said fred, IN THEIR AN*S WITH THEM!!

  5. What happen to the domintrix that trained him? How much did she get paid? Did he buy her house?

  6. Bad timing, Lana. The Republicans would have you raped and forced to carry an unwanted child. “It’s God’s will,” they say.

  7. And what have you got to show for your five year or so tenure here, Strom? Saved the world? Or just fomenting racism and homophobia the Strom way. Hiding behind a keyboard.
    I’m increasing attacks on posters? No, just you.
    It’s time. Knuckles up.

  8. ever notice that gender-reassigned women have the best legs. not fair .. LOL

  9. Lana looks great — from facial expressions to gestures to the actual work she’s had done. her voice sounds good, and, for the first time ever, she looks HAPPY. I’m proud of her.

  10. Lana looks like what he is…a man with a red wig. She/he has obviously playing the role of leading lady for sometime but a a man. Today he wants to be a she, tomorrow he/she might want to be a horse, the next day she/he/it might want to be a bird…does wanting to be make it ok? It needs to become less enabled.

  11. If a woman gets a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy, is she a man? I’m sorry, you are what you were born as and that’s how you will die.

  12. Not to mention, “Lana” was a married man, got a divorce, now has a girlfriend…. AND KEPT HIS MALE GENITALIA. Now, if that isn’t a candidate for psychiatric help, I don’t know what is…

  13. Patrick, This is what I believe about Strom : non-ambulatory, is propped up against a computer day and night; has full time PCAs who change his diaper, and they last for about a month due to his incessant ranting and begging for hand jobs. The PCAs are immigrants who can put up with only so much; they last at most for a month, then quit. Also, Strom is a self-hating African American who is gay, yet denies it. Either that, or he is a big fat slob of a white guy. Sounds harsh, too bad.

    Normally I wouldn’t say anthing, but since you, Patrick, outed him on being Reta, well, a troll deserves what he gets.

    And Strom, just to remind you, I scroll past all your comments and don’t read them. Guaranteed.

  14. Id rather have people read what I write in order to understand me
    Rather than having them read what I read
    To understand me.
    Its less confusing its more direct
    And its from the source

  15. Good read on our multi personality troll, Bluejay.
    There definately is a seriously messed up bag of snakes on here.
    It shouldn’t have insulted our old Walt.
    The gloves are off.

  16. Strom is a virgin, if you don’t count all those abused, deflated dolls in his mother’s basement.

    This much im sure of – he’s poorly educated, permanently single, unemployable, black, gay, sociopath that lives on an island. oh and i think he’s either related to Christine or is her.

  17. Only in America can debauchery like this be celebrated.

  18. oh shut up Pippa, what an unsupportable comment, and quite inaccurate, you lazy git.

    if your going to cast aspersions show some bloody invention and commitment. debauchery is one thing celebrated world wide,

    god what a mwamby twat you are. You’ve obviously never visited the sub-continent where they really get crazy, or even bloody Glasgow on a Wed night. you probably live in Toronto, haaaaa

    ave off

  19. The rants from the JC usual suspects couldn’t be further from the truth, but it’s not about posters anyway.

    There is a C & W song by the name of “King of Barstool Mountain,” this is pretty much describes several of the delusional people who post…Kings & Queens of their own little JC world! Ha Ha

    “Lana” is just a nutcase tranny now….trying to score. AIDS alert!

  20. One has to wonder if Jaent is posting this because Janet is just like him, a man living as a woman.

  21. Funny how a movie produced by a drag queen stars a guy who played a drag queen in a tv series.

  22. If you want to have a relationship w/ posters, swap e mail addresses or home addresses or phone numbers and go for it…kiss kiss all you like but this is an internet web site for comments about the threads and not the lives of you and assorted screw balls. Or better yet start your own site…you can be King yet and CSL or Reta, Queen of your own little multi- cultural world (such as it is).

    By Patrick
    On October 26, 2012 at

    And what have you got to show for your five year or so tenure here, Strom? Saved the world? Or just fomenting racism and homophobia the Strom way. Hiding behind a keyboard.
    I’m increasing attacks on posters? No, just you.
    It’s time. Knuckles up.

  23. Provide red-wigged Lana your number and it will probably be glad to join in.

  24. Strom, you’re a horse’s ass, obsessed with other peoples sex lives because you do’t have one of your own, just go away creep.

  25. O.K., Strom I’d like to have an online relationship with REta. What’s your email address?

  26. Poor Brandy….always ready to enable the perverts and curse posters.

    No idea where multi colored Reta is….Barack convention probably.

  27. Janet must be out walking her 35 cats? Or just on hiatus for today?

  28. Why do you people always talk badly about Reta? It’s not her fault she’s a crusty crotch

  29. Lana is the “it”, not the “she”:

    “…she’s ever been in her life and she looks great. Good for her.”

    Larry aka Lara seems to have long been playing the role of leading actress in the bedroom!

  30. see, you just can’t resist

    Strom you are totally obsessed with other people’s sex lives, in particular gay sex lives or anal sex.

    Repressed much Strom ?

    You’re a sicko, obviously, and post after post after post proves it

    give it a rest

  31. Poor poor Brandy….ready to wave the rainbow flag at any time! Ready to foist hate on other posters, but never ready (or able)to comment on the thread at hand.

    Unlike you, I am commenting on a thread. I think Larry (Lana)is a freak with mental and sexual problems and if it wants to be a woman, dog, bird, or fish…go ahead but keep it out of the public where its actions might influence impressionable kids or where its actions might increase the spread of AIDS, or cause the public to have to pay $$$ for its actions either through increased taxes or insurance premiums. If Larry. or Brandy, wants to put on a strange colored wig and have sex with consenting adults of any race or sex in their own rooms…go ahead, but keep it out of the public eye.

  32. Paasive aggressive much, stupid?
    How do your racist and homophobic comments affect impressionable kids?
    Oh the tangled webs….

  33. How does calling you out for your racist and homophobic remarks turn into enabling?
    Who’s the freak? Shut up, stupid.

  34. Ha ha, its not about posters…..have your cookies and muffins while Larry puts on his dress and wig and becomes Lana!

  35. The HAIR is totally fake. SHE or HE is bald! Look at the brother. It’s “Lana” the GLUE ON RED DREADS style. Yuck.

    Exaggerated female mannerisms too. Yuck.

  36. For millions of years cultures had gay, bisexual and intersex people. The whole trans issue only occurs under patriarchy where ppl are so brainwashed they believe you are either one or the other and they chose to mutilate their body for a false dichotomy. But hey it is big business for the medical and psych industry that benefit from it. Studies show that trans are not any happier post surgery and continue to have a high suicide rate and self harm rate. Too bad we dont live in a non-patriarchy where love could be the main issue not what is or isn’t between someones legs.

  37. A good number of the comments on here are so utterly disgusting, I can’t believe they were made by human beings; more like frightened, faeces-flinging chimps. The lady pictured top center has more heart, soul and raw courage than any of you and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Fucking trolls.

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