To no one’s surprise, self-proclaimed “human Ken doll” Rodrigo Alves, has decided he wants to be Barbie after all. After spending $500,000 on cosmetic procedures, including bicep and six-pack enhancement, Rodrigo, now 36, FINALLY acknowledged he’s not happy as a male and has been quietly living as a female for the past few months. He’s been popping hormones and is looking forward to extensive gender reassignment surgery for the new year. The photo above was taken at a laser hair removal clinic in London.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Janet is obsessed with this freak. It used to be Amy Winehouse or Meg Ryan. Now it’s this guy.

  2. Ken is not a woman Janet. Please stop promoting this mental problem as if it were real. A man cannot become a woman. It’s simple biology.

  3. This was inevitable. This is just another case of the media glorifying mental illness. But then again, Janet is also mentally ill.

  4. Poor guy. His path will never be easy or happy. But he does look happier now. I would say “she” if I were more politically correct.

  5. On Botched he was lean and muscular (even with the implants), but here he looks like fatbody from the Maury Show. I hope he waits on the surgery as the regret rate is apparently over 40%!

    A pre-op is someone special. A post-op has to compete with real genetics.

  6. Clearly he’s going for the natural beauty look. NOT!!!

    Perhaps they could implant a rear view mirror extending from his chest so he can admire himself every minute of the day.

  7. This is just more the usual ultra leftist clap trap that calls itself “equality” when it’s really just organized destruction of traditional Judeo-Christian values and morals. Janet is simply part of the liberal community that pushes the narrative that what you “feel” is what creates your reality, as if feelings are something rational that can be trusted. Alves is a man; he will always be a man. He will always have a Y chromosome, which is the biological definiton of a male. Alves is obviously suffering from a very serious mental illness, with or without believing he’s a woman. It’s encouraging to see from most of the comments, however, that Janet’s readers are wise to the leftist agenda being foisted on them.And, I’ll give Janet credit for this; she doesn’t delete comments that are critical of her or her opinions.

  8. 50% of post ops end up committing suicide. This is not the path to happiness. It would be a kindness to stop enabling it and help these people learn to accept themselves. Karen Carpenter thought she was fat and look what happened to her. The mind is playing tricks on these people. Anorexia, Trans, Plastic surgery addiction ect is all the same thing. An obsession with how one is perceived. It’s OCD plain and simple.

  9. Saw them back in September. Looking like Ken with taped down breasts. Whatever the choice, hope Rodrigo finds his peace and self to finally be enough

  10. He should play dress up for a few years until wearing high heels kills his feet. That will change his mind.

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