Lady Gaga just wants to be loved. Weird Al Yankovic poked fun at Gaga when he recorded his spoof of her “Born This Way” called “Perform This Way.” Proceeds were set to go to the Human Rights Campaign. Al reached out to Gaga for approval in advance (something he never does) and her people demanded a copy of the lyrics as well as the final song. Just when Al thought it was a go, Gaga flatly rejected the song with a big fat “no.” Since he wouldn’t use a rejected song on his album, Al posted it online with sharp criticism of Gaga’s lack of a sense of humor and pointed out that she didn’t care about charity either. No sense of humor? Gaga was HIGHLY insulted and immediately changed her mind about the song. She encouraged Al to put the song on his album.



  1. Well good for her. She saw things differently after thinking about it. It’s never too late to make things right!!

  2. not true janet! Al always asks for permission first. dont tell lies.

  3. I love, love,love the song but I am not contributing to Human Rights it’s a farce. Gaga is copying Madonna’s look in that picture.

  4. Just listening to this song reminds me of an earlier Madonna song, it’s been bugging me which one. So I went and had a look as I knew it would be of her Immaculate album, and sure enough ‘express yourself’ is what I had in mind.

    Quick Google search shows that I am not alone in my thinking!

    And semi-related is that Madonna gets stick for dating younger men around the 24 mark, therefore her ex-husband should get the same flak for shacking up with Scarlet J, pretty much the same age difference, except Madonna is in better shape for her age compared to old Sean Penn.

  5. I agree. Al has repeatedly said he gets permission. Please get the facts straight.

  6. Gaga’s “Born This Way” is a cross between “Express Yourself” and “Vogue.” She’s not the least bit original. At least when Al copies a song, he admits it. Love him, can’t stand her.

  7. What are you talking about he ALWAYS gets permission from the artist before it gets put on an album

  8. My daughter is a huge fan of Al. And the Ramones of course.
    He does ask permission and when we saw his show it was good clean, family fun.
    GaGa live would make my daughter cry.

  9. GaGa is NOT original. Weird Al is. She at least can understand backlash when she sees it. (she better get used to it, because she is BAD in interviews. Giant ego running amok alongside ambition is not a great combo.

  10. I’m surprised Al waited this long to “cover” one of her songs. Always love what he does with them.

  11. Couldn’t listen to the song earlier and now I have. Very funny. Looking forward to the video. Can you imagine him imitating Lady Gaga? Visions of him as Michael Jackson singing I’m Fat still make me laugh.

  12. it’s fabulous! better than Ga-Ga!
    Al wasn’t valedictorian of his class for nothing!

  13. She should be deeply honored Weird Al in any way, mostly by sublime genius; made Gaga actually normal and acceptable, dare I say the whole gang who likes her too respectable. One would love to see his video! I bet it will be a smash hit and good for him. ha ha ha ha

  14. Dear lady Gaga I Know that he can’t sing the song as good as you but on the other hand it is better to have him release his song and this is the main reason and this is to give the money to help other people in this hard time in life and this can help some kids and or children or some one who abused and like shelthers and also this money from Weird Yankvic will help the poor and this is good for the world in so many ways and when your song is off the charts then he can release this song and that way you can become more of a classic in his weird music line up and yes it is creepy to not have a song to your standards but lets take it and look at the fact that Al is weird and freaky and his music is for people that are into cover songs and yes you may not like him or he may rub you the wrong way but lets look at the big picture it can have releave some of the taxes that you have to pay, Next term and this is a double shot at helping other people at the same time…But yes I Know that I am no one and Whom am I to tell you what to do.

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