According to RadarOnline, Lady Gaga’s non-profit charity Born This Way (she started it with her mom) was actually quite profitable – and Gaga’s mother Cynthia Germanotta enjoyed a $200,000 salary for her work there as president. Born This Way raised over 12 million dollars between 2015 and 2019 and their rather vague goal was “to support the mental health of young people and work with them to create a kinder world.” A 2019 tax filing indicates that the charity took in $3,609,947 for the year, but after office expenses they only paid out $149,914 in grants! Makes you wonder…

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  1. That’s just over 4% of the donations going to programs!

    Established good charities use 90% or more of their donations on program-related expenses.

    Don’t donate to any charity with a vague description of where there funds are being spent. Check them out first at charitynavigator(dot)com.

  2. Even more evidence of what a fraud and bunko artist Gaga is.

  3. Celebrity Charity (Foundations) are a major scam that the Joey Admin should check into closely. They give out money initially but become methods to place relatives in high paying jobs that come out of the funds……Check out J Lo if you want to see a major PR campaign and then nothing but relatives drawing bucks…..put the IRS dogs to work.

  4. “IRS dogs”??
    Why not send the Hunter to investigate?
    Then we can all be sure there is nothing to see there.

  5. Strom and Patrick, Don’t you worry. President Biden’s administration is going after the biggest celebrity scam charity of them all: The Orange Moron’s Bilking Fund for a Disgraced Politician..

  6. What does that mean, Lipps?
    Remember. Don got 75 million votes.
    And they weren’t fake.

  7. Patrick, lipps is pleased with the higher gas and lumber prices, the border crisis, playing kissy-face with China and the desecration of America under our pervert-in-chief. The higher taxes and alienation of Israel are just bonuses.

    Some people are just incapable of independent thought.

  8. Right on, Light Brigade.
    A useful idiot beyond compare.

  9. Strom, Patrick,

    Keep pleasuring yourselves to videos of the orange moron, boys. But it’s so clear why you do.

    “If people made a choice that resulted in a negative consequence, the more negative the consequence, the LESS (emphasis mine) likely they are to believe it was a mistake.” (Social Psychologist Robert Gialdini)

  10. “And you, Donald Trump will never be president.”
    What a huge mistake Obama made with that foolish comment.
    Democrats know that consequence well.

  11. She’s disgusting. Now she’s shilling for “well health safety seal” which is allegedly basically an extortion racket.

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