Kanye West doesn’t want us to know he has a softer side. He’s been quietly going out with a normal girl and was just photographed with her in Paris. Last fall Kanye did an I.D. Magazine shoot in New York and Jamie Kreindler was a wardrobe assistant. According to Bossip.com, she’s in her early 20’s and comes from a well-to-do family. Jamie and Kanye have been together constantly since they hit it off at the photo shoot and she has the ability to “disappear into his entourage” so no one realized what was going on. It’s funny how Kanye flaunted his exhibitionistic girlfriend Amber Rose, but he keeps Jamie under wraps.


  1. Yep…looks like he traded in black Amber for white Jamie soon as he got a chance!

  2. Amber isn’t even Black. Isn’t that the funniest thing. She’s barely biracial. I’d like to think the Amber Rose phase can be attributed to Kanye losing his mind after his mother died.

    Jamie doesn’t look like a whore, so I don’t care what race she is, good for him.

  3. Americans will make ‘stars’ out of the worst people.

  4. Yes there have been a lot of gay rumours surrounding this guy and this was before Southparks ‘gayfish’ episode, lol.

  5. Kanye needs some ego retooling. Hopefully this young lady will help with that. The fact that she’s from a wealthy family does not surprise me. Kanye seems conflicted about fame/wealth.

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    Beautiful Name she has and to keep out of the spot light is a nightmare and pure fear..Every one learning about your pass and every one in your Business and How frustrating can that be and Harmful and abusive of Power and no wonder people crave privacy and want to keep relationships a Secret!

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