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Kirstie Alley is getting her wish. She joined the cast of “Dancing With The Stars” in hopes of losing weight and it looks like all those sweaty rehearsals are paying off. Kirstie was photographed leaving the “Stars” dinner at STK and she’s wearing a form fitting dress – something she hasn’t done for a very long time. So whether she’s the last dancer standing or not, she’s definitely coming out ahead.


  1. She’s certainly got stamina and WILL-POWER—at 60 no less.

    Good for her! (But wonder whether that Winona-Ryder-sized purse is carrying a doggie bag or two.)

  2. Meanwhile, executives at Hollywood’s “House of Pies” contemplate more layoffs and possible bankruptcy.

  3. Hopefully she is learning and it helps her weight disorder (eating).


  5. There is no doubt she has lost weight but in some articles she claims to be a size 10. I’m not sure why she constantly feels the need to lie about her achievements. She is 60, she dances very well, she is slimmer, she needs to stick with those facts. It’s clear she is Spanxed to the highest degree and can’t actually draw a breath yet.

  6. The ever-present fat cells are still there and she will have to watch every bite. Even 4 or 5 heavy meals and throwing caution to the winds for a week or so will cause an immediate weight gain. She needs to find a man so she will have a clear purpose to get down to at least 150 lbs.

  7. The more I see of Kirstie these days, the more I like her.

    She seems to really be reaching her prime—at the ripe age of SIXTY, and few people have been able to pull that off.

    Remember that years (decades?) ago, when Shelley Long exited “Cheers” to launch a movie career (!), the conventional
    wisdom then was that the show was finished without her! Kirstie sure proved the critics wrong about that.

    And somehow, in the years since her physical peak, she’s managed to keep hanging in there in show business, in spite of her struggles with weight.

    It can’t have been easy, especially with all the flak she’s taken for it.

    Reminds me of this great scene in the movie “Happiness” (a true gem), where the “Big Girl” character played by Camryn Mannheim orders a sundae for dessert in a New Jersey diner.

    The withering LOOK she’s given by the waitress at that moment is PRICELESS. Instantly, and without saying a word, the waitress manages to convey all the societal judgement and contempt that we heap upon
    people—most especially women—who are heavy.

    Credit goes to Kirstie for her staying power.

  8. Oh, and you have to see the ABC promo footage of pal John Travolta giving dancing pointers to Kirstie and her DWTS partner at her home.

    It’s all poor John can do to keep from licking Maks from head-to-toe like a giant popsicle—cameras and witnesses be damned! Hooray for Hollywood 🙂

  9. She looks awesome. I’m hoping she keeps it off and finds a hot new boyfriend.

  10. Well she certainly looks slimmer than she did Monday night on the show. When was this photo taken?

    I’m certainly rooting for her. Ditto what Mona said.

  11. She looks good.

    As long as she’s healthy and her butt isn’t draggin’ on the ground best of luck to her.

  12. I feel bad for her, because there is no way she is going to keep up this amount of exercise after the show is over. And even if she does, the body gets used to the exercise. She’s still fighting her food habits and a body that has gotten used to being big.

  13. I love Kirstie but is anyone watching this cavalcade of dancing nobodies?

  14. @ Just Sayin’….The Winona Ryder purse….that’s too funny.

  15. Though I find her annoying, it’s great to see that she is shedding the pounds! I hope she’s doing via exercise and healthful eating and not through some other channel like cocaine…

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