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Kim Kardashian’s media-shy boyfriend Kris Humphries,26, used to run from the paparazzi (it took a long time to get a photo of the couple together) but now he’s hired his own publicist! We’re guessing Kris Jenner has schooled him in the art of cashing in. NBA star Kris has had the best year of his career and strangely, some credit this to his association with Kim “Midas” Kardashian. Kris’s new publicist is touting him as more than a great basketball player – he’s an “entrepreneur” and a “philanthropist.” Our esteemed colleague CJ at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis where Kris hails from, could barely contain her laughter – she pointed out that Kris is taking himself FAR too seriously if he considers himself in the league of philanthropists Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

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  1. He was probably a good guy until he got involved with Kardashian trash. He should run away from this bunch and especially Kim before he becomes totally screwed up. The mom may be the real schylock in the bunch and manages to score a piece of everything for herself. Obviously Kim is wearing black…..memories!

  2. Wow. That’s a big difference in height.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!! We’re preparing for the grandkids coming today and we will have them throughout the weekend. Plus, family and friends over the course of the five days.

    There’s no telling how much weight I will end up gaining. lol We have the fish fry & home made hush puppies & cole slaw on Friday night. Deep friend turkey Saturday and Easter egg hunt with church. Sunday morning church services and another egg hunt and spiral ham and all the goodies.

    I’ve already been into the candy today and wolfed down some of those Reese’s peanut butter cup eggs. lol Not to mention the strawberry pies (3) I’ve made for tomorrow’s dessert. (These are store bought berries. Mine aren’t in yet and won’t be for while.

    Have a safe & happy holiday weekend! : )

  3. Oops, sorry. I meant Deep FRIED turkey. Plus two platters of Fried green tomatoes!! Those are store bought too. Mine aren’t in either.

  4. ok, now I’m starving LOL sounds delicious!

    Who thinks this relationship will last any longer than the rest of hers, the only one she loves is named Kim

  5. How do you make gravy from deep fried turkey?
    And who gives a shit about Kardashians?
    Walt, we eat bunnies for Easter in Canada!
    Playboy bunnies!!

  6. Step away from the Easter basket Walt! You sound as excited as a small child. Have a blessed Easter.

    As for Kris, nowadays everyone thinks they’re an entrepeneur/philanthropist. If he really wants to do some good, he’d do what other athletes do (like Paul Pierce or Ray Allen of our Boston Celtics and many of the Red Sox players) and start a foundation that benefits some segment of society. Hanging out with ole Kimmy there benefits no one but their egos.

  7. Hey Patrick,
    We always bake a couple of turkey breasts too (not everyone likes the deep fried turkey). Then we make the gravy using the broth of the baked breasts. Then we make the mashed potatoes, home grown fried corn (from last yrs crop), green beans….etc. Of course, most all of us drink ice tea. YUM

    Those playboy bunnies sound a whole lot yummy to me too! Canada has the right idea!!!

  8. Palermo,
    I would feed like a little fattening pig if you were here. I don’t think anyone’s every left our place hungry. lol Although, I think I might have to head to Patrick’s for dessert. He has those lovely bunnies up his way. lol

  9. Denise,
    Thank you. I hope you have a blessed Easter as well. : ) I’d share my vittles & candy with you! I just ate big handful of malted milk balls! I’ve gone through almost an entire bag today. lol As long as I can fit in my bunny suit, I don’t care. lol

  10. Hey Strom,
    Your right, it does seem like the mom, Kris Jenner, has her hands in everybody’s pie. As a manager to them, she gets a nice chunk of change. Kris Jenner is a very odd person to me. Didn’t she coach her girls on how to use the stripper pole? There’s also something a little bit masculine about her. In fact, she seems more so than Bruce. lol

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Pimp Mama Trashcan has all of her sons-in-law on the family stroll.

    How can that fresh face youth be seen with such a plastic surgeried whore??

  12. All the ‘K’s are nuttier than a fruit cake, and this boy is either super dumb or he has a hidden agenda.

  13. Their height difference is incompatible. They’ll have a horrible if any sex life.

  14. I always wonder if new boyfriends have seen her sex video and what they “really” think of her.

  15. Actually the prime topic of every meeting of the Black pro athletes association is who has had sex with the most Kardashians.

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