We’re betting that Kesha is being a bit more careful about her photographs since those unfortunate pics of her in a two piece swimsuit circulated last summer. The 24 year old Tik Tok singer likes to construct her eccentric rock n roll image with lots of glitter and face and body paint. In fact, Kesha says she has body painting parties at her Nashville home. And she brags “My makeup is usually left over from the night before.”Glamour magazine talked her into cleaning up for an uncharacteristically feminine photo and it’s quite a makeunder.

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10 thoughts on “KESHA – IS THAT REALLY YOU?

  1. Kesha is a skank and still looks like a skank in the new photo. You can see one a mile away. Even before Lohan’s looks were ruined by her lifestyle…you could see she was skanky to the core.

  2. Love the voice and music. It took awhile but she grew on me. My grandkids love her. Her crazy style is loved by many so more power to them.

    The kid is a rags (dirt poor) to semi-riches story. I’m glad she is making music and finally making some money.

  3. Ditto what “Walt Cliff” said.

    This girl is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a triple threat, she can sing, dance and she also is a very talented songwriter.

  4. Another untalented woman in the entertainment business because she is a connected Jew.

  5. Rhonda, have you met Strom? Sadly, the two of you seem to be of the same mind.

  6. The top picture looks like that crazy 16 year old (?!) that married the hideous 50 year old dude (that is ugly as hell) that worked in “The Green Mile” as the sadistic prison guard.

    As for THIS chick having a great body, I DO remember those pics from last summer as well. Hard to get them out of my mind, they were burned into my eyes.

  7. Look into her eyes and she looks evil!

    Let your kids listen to her and you’ll be a Grandparent in no time! Just like Katy Perry, Gaga, Spears and Rhinona and her posse.

    Keep your kids CLASSY with MANNERS and SELF RESPECT with GREAT FASHION SENSE (ie: Chanel)

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