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Scarlett Johansson’s twin brother Hunter (he’s 6’3”) keeps getting better looking. He started off acting with his 27 year old twin sister but drifted instead into local then national, politics. He was a campaign organizer for Barack Obama and People named him a “Hot Bachelor.” Hunter says his sister often fixes him up with nice girls and he reciprocated by introducing her to the President.


  1. Very nice looking fella!

    What first caught my eye with this photo was their height difference. Seems to me that twins are supposed to be close to the same size, regardless of their sex, no? The size difference is glaringly obvious.

    Upon further inspection, they don’t really look alike either. Hmmm

  2. agree with 1st comment, they dont even look related.

    nice looking guy, he just does not look like his sex bomb sister

  3. My husband doesn’t even look related to his twin brother, so physical differences in height and appearance in other twins is not at all surprising to me.

    He is a cutie though.

  4. That’s funny-I never have thought she was very attractive. I certainly don’t think he is, either.

  5. Kitty, I agree. Scarlett always had a plain looking face imho. Not hideous and ugly of course, but no way a beauty. Take another look above.

  6. @Mel I was about to say the same thing. She looks kinda like him but has had a nose job.

  7. Janet,as a gossip columnist and “insider” you should have known that he is gay.

  8. I think h is very handsome and would do well in movies if he can act that is. I DO see a family resemblance and am surprised at those of you that can’t tell they are related. Obviously, she wouldn’t rival him in height, but I don’t think she is particularly short either. And I DON’T thinks she had a nose job. I’m shocked at how many more and more negative people have shown up on this site. Amazing. Esp the racists.

  9. He’s absolutely gorgeous! You should have a better picture than the one you posted. The White House Correspondence Dinner photo is better (with Scarlett dressed in sea foam green elie saab). You can see how cute he is in the photo.

    Too bad I’ve read that he has a girlfriend 🙁 While I dont wish for him to have a heartbreak, I’d like him to be single, unattached and available. 🙂 I hope Scarlett can bring her to more big events.

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